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    Default 395

    is 395 coming out this week or is oda taking a week off if not where can i find the chapter right when its comes out raw is fine scanlation id rather have thankz

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    w007! early release! Go Arlong Park!!!

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    no scanlation yet

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    Here's a Translation by Stephen please do not use for Scanlations:

    Chapter 395
    Ohara vs. World Government

    - Page 1 -

    Miss Golden Week's Operation: Meet Baroque Vol.27 "Hijack the Ship With 'Betrayal Black'"

    - Page 2 -

    Phone: Has the order come?
    Still on standby.

    People: They've just found proof of the scholars' crimes!!!
    Marine battleships are coming into port!!!

    - Page 3 -

    Agents: What the hell...
    IS it?
    It's one of those, uh... Poneglyph things.
    Not even an explosion will put a scratch on it.
    That's one freaky stone... and these things are all over the world.

    Sauro: Shit...!! Hope I ain't too late already!
    ...why didn't I put two and two together...?!!

    People: Whoaaa?! What the hell is THAT?!!

    - Page 4 -

    Sauro: Robin!!!

    People: Uwaaaah!!

    Sauro: Get th' blazes off this island!!!

    People: It's a giant!!!

    Phone: ...I see...

    Spandine: Yes, it is a capital crime.
    We've got our proof...
    So, according to orders...

    Phone: That's really too bad.
    What an unfortunate way to end up...
    But we can't let them get away with breaking a worldwide law.

    Clover: Enough of your chit-chat, Gorousei!!

    - Page 5 -

    Spandine: Wha... SILENCE...!!!
    This is a man sitting at the TOP of the WORLD, you cur!!

    Phone: Ohara's Professor Clover,
    an authority on archaeology...
    I am familiar with the name, as a great contributer to human culture.
    And yet even a man as great as you can fall astray...

    Clover: The past belongs to all of humanity.
    Nobody has the right to deny others
    the desire to know our untold history.

    Man: Professor...

    <<Clover: Robin, get away from here.
    If you hear my story, you will be a criminal.

    Phone: If we read the Poneglyphs,
    the Ancient Weapons can be resurrected and the world will be endangered!!
    You may not have any malice, but others will, and the result will be the same.

    Clover: No matter what the past holds, it is human history, and thus we must bear all of it!!
    If we banish our fear and know all, we can plan for any occurrence!

    - Page 6 -

    Phone: You're being idealistic.

    Clover: Perhaps. Or perhaps it suits YOUR needs to make things thus!!
    What we want to know most of all at this point in time,
    is not the contents of the Poneglyphs, but their reason for existing.
    Why did the people of the past use stone monuments,
    to leave some message for the future...
    They carved history into unbreakable stone and spread them around the world...
    Is it not because their message could be destroyed on mere books and paper?!
    Clear proof that the people who left them had ENEMIES!!

    Phone: What is your point, Professor Clover...?

    - Page 7 -

    Clover: If we assume those people were wiped out by some "enemy,"
    it means those enemies should have survived later in history.
    Coincidentally enough...
    800 years ago, at the end of the Lost 100 Years,
    was the precise birth of today's "World Government."
    If the enemy of those eradicated peoples is our World Government,
    then the "Lost 100 Years"
    could easily be a piece of INCONVENIENT HISTORY that the World Government needed to stamp out...!!!
    From the ancient writings of the few Poneglyphs we HAVE found,
    we have learned of the existence of a nation... One which no longer exists in any form,
    but still appears in those messages.

    - Page 8 -

    Clover: They seem to have held great power once,
    but the information about this kingdom has been carefully erased.
    As they knew of their imminent defeat by the alliance
    that would later be called the World Government,
    they carved the truth into stone, to give to the future.
    Those are the Poneglyphs that still exist today...!!!

    Phone: I see...
    Quite a bold THEORY...

    Clover: The Ancient Weapons are truly a threat to the world!!! BUT!!
    More importantly, the existence and ideals of this country,
    that threaten to be brought to light again are the GREATEST threat to your World Government!!!
    I will not know what threat this is until it is revealed,
    but the key to all,
    the name of this fallen kingdom was--

    Phone: Kill him.

    - Page 9 -

    Robin: PROFESSOR!!!

    Phone: Ohara...

    Scholars: DAMN YOU FOOLS...!!!

    Phone: Has learned too much...!!!

    Scholars: Professor Clover!!!

    Phone: Give the order to attack.

    - Page 10 -

    Scholars: PROFESSOR!!

    Phone: Don't let a single person escape alive!!!

    Agents: DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE!!!

    People: Get on the ship!!
    Everyone evacuate!!!

    Sauro: Hang on, Robin!!!

    Robin: Waaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Spandine: ...Now, I'll use this Golden Phone Snail I got from Adm'ral Sengoku, and-

    Clover: Robin... you fool...!! You can't stay here...!!

    Robin: Professor!!

    Clover: Hahh...

    - Page 11 -

    Spandine: BUSTER CALL TIME!!!
    Thanks, folks.

    Scholars: What did he just do...?

    Clover: Hurry, to the evacuation area, Robin...!!

    Robin: No... I don't want to be alone...!!

    Clover: This is not the time for being stubborn...!!!

    Olvia: {Robin...!!}

    Phone: Vvvvrrrrrrrrr!!!
    Buster Call requested!!

    [Golden Phone Snail Receiving Line]
    [Silver Phone Snail]

    Marines: All ships in formation!! Prepare to fire!!!

    - Page 12 -

    Scholars: Hey...!!! Look...
    The Tree of Knowledge is on fire...!!!
    What the hell is going on, you government dogs!!
    I thought all you wanted was us dead!!!

    Spandine: So? That fire probably came from the explosion, big deal.

    Scholar: BIG DEAL?! Do you have ANY IDEA how valuable those books are...

    Agent: Don't move!!!

    Spandine: Forget the guns... our work here is done.

    Scholars: Move it!
    Put out the fire in the library!!!

    - Page 13 -

    Scholars: Get some water!!!
    Get as many books out of there as you can!!!

    Spandine: Bring the woman, though!!
    There's still one thing only SHE knows. Can't have her die yet.

    Olvia: Urgh...
    You must get out of here... just don't die...!!}

    Clover: Don't waste any time, Robin.
    Get moving.

    Scholars: Robin-chan.

    - Page 14 -

    Robin: Are you my mother...?

    <<Man: Olvia!!
    Are you coming or not?!!

    <<Robin: Mamaaaa!!

    <<Person: I've got her tight!! Just go!!!

    <<Robin: Waaa, Mamaaaa!!

    Olvia: {I'm sorry, Robin... I cannot call myself your mother anymore.
    I can NEVER be a mother again...}

    - Page 15 -

    <<Kids: Monster!! Monster!!
    Her mom left her!
    Because she's a monster?!

    <<Roji: Robin!! That's MY daughter's clothing!!
    What are you doing with it?!

    <<Robin: I'm sorry, Auntie! I just wanted to try them on...

    <<Roji: You sure eat a lot for a foster child...

    <<Robin: Waaahhh...

    Robin: ARE YOU...

    - Page 16 -

    Spandine: Hmm?
    What, you got a kid back there?

    Olvia: No.

    Woman: {Olvia-san...}

    Olvia: ...I'm sorry.
    She must be thinking... of the wrong person...
    {Forgive me, Robin...!!! I don't want you to be the daughter of a criminal.}

    Clover: {Olvia...}

    - Page 17 -

    Spandine: ...hmph.
    Kooky kid.
    Let's move out!!

    Robin: IT'S ME!!! ROBIN!!!
    Are you sure... you're not my mother?
    I just hope... that someday
    you'll walk with me and hold my hand...

    - Pages 18 & 19 -

    Robin: I studied as hard as I could...
    And became an archaeologist!!! Now I can read Poneglyphs!!!

    Spandine: That KID?!

    Clover: No...
    Stop, Robin!!!

    Robin: Please, Mother,
    let me be with you!!!

    Olvia: Robin...!!!

    Robin: PLEASE...

    Phone: Commencing Buster Call!!!
    Begin bombardment!
    Our target is the entire island of Ohara, Land of Archaeology!!!

    - Chapter 395 End -

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    Thanks for the translation

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    so sad

    Robin, don't cry, i'm with you !!

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    That was one of the most satisfying translations I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

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    you fucking spandam!!oh my poor girl robin!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozman
    you fucking spandam!!oh my poor girl robin!!
    that's not spandam, but spandam father ^^
    what a family


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