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    Default thoughts

    i've been reading alot of posts and there so much spread out that i kinda don't know were to post most of my thoughts about stuff.

    the first thing is the ship. i don't know what will happen becouse there so many shocking things to this manga thats why i love it. this arc is mostly about this ship design. so i think of this

    1. they get this ship that so talked about

    2. they get something based off it

    3. im totaly off and they get a bigger ship that looks like there last ship the merry (but like they said in the past that its will not be the same and the ones that will be affected are them. thats kinda of hint to a hole new ship to me right there. there was also saying that they need a bigger stronger ship to go ahead in the water after water 7)

    as for the new shipmate im not sure it could be every one thats helping them right now. franky is a good guy and stuff that would help out alot but i like the rope guy more. as for the franky family thing they annoy me big time. but i guess if they are labeled as luffy crew then they realy can't go back to there old life. im 98% sure that he will let them join. (again they made it seam like they need a big ship to go on past water 7 so a big crew is needed to help out and stuff.)

    this marine call thing that poping up alot that still alot of guessing for me becouse that guy seams like a cowerd that would push it if it meant to save his own life. but that also might mean he will not for fear of death after he dose push it so he will try to bluff or something to live then get it taken away some how.) if it is called that will be intresting add on to the story line becouse if luffy and them do ecape after laying waste to were they are now there bounties will go throw the roof.

    but anyway thing will become huge after this arc is over that is for sure. even withbread and shanks will know what happened. becouse if i remember right this is like the 2nd most impotrant place in the world besides the marine HQ?? that big new theres no way they can cover up something like this becouse im sure that there are spys and other ways for the top people to know the truth of what happened.

    as for luffys granpa he seamed pissed or so when that ice guy talked about him :/ if it is roger then maybe he dosn't want people to know becouse of the shadow that will fall over him becouse of it. but thats hard to say with out them coming out and saying who it is and all.

    i also can't wait to see how much more powerful zoro and sanji become after they fight cp9. becouse that cuting kick thing fits sanji and the fast movemts i can see zoro with but theres also that hard body thing too. i can't wait to see what moves come from all this

    i have more but i kinda want to see what other peoples thoughts are on these and will add more to these later

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    i know english is probably not ur first language, and i mean no offense, but WTF?!?! have no idea wut ur talking about

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    i think its eazy to understand :/ but maybe u just didn't read it clostly but o well




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