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    Default OP 393 RAW'S OUT

    Could somebody plz writte a Translation?

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    Among other reptiles


    Hmm...RObins mother appeared(and will be probably killed soon)
    And...Hey isnt that young Ao Kiji on the last page?

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    i wonder what color olvia hair is?
    Some how I'm unbanned.... Yay!

    But my wonderful waterfall sig is gone!!! Do you have any idea how much time I spent on it!!!

    ~They call me the Master Researcher~

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    Is it Aojiki?

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    Heres a translations/Summary ,Thanks to Sayiajedi and Ocean:

    TITLE: Chapter 393 -- "Olvia"

    CAPTION: Miss GoldenWeek's "Operation: Meets Baroque" vol. 26: "Taking the Opportunity to Make a Rescue"

    --Page 1--

    SAUL: It's finished--!!
    Whuddaya think?!! Dereshishishishi

    ROBIN: ...

    SAUL: !

    ROBIN:'re leaving now?

    SAUL: Whut's wrong? Yer makin' an awful lonesome face...
    Oh, that's right! I was just thinkin' about puttin' up a flag 'r sum'n!
    So I'll be stayin' here a little bit longer! Dereshishi!

    ROBIN: ...

    --Page 2--

    SAUL: To the sea?
    You wanna head out to sea too, Robin?

    ROBIN: Yes.
    My mother's always been busy with her archaeological research, but
    one day, when she's come back to this island,
    next time, I'll have her take me out to sea with her!!
    I studied for that purpose...
    and I've finally been able to become an archaeologist!

    SAUL: An archaeologist...
    such a little kid?!

    -- Page 3--

    SAUL: You can't remember yer mama's face, can you?

    ROBIN: ...No. But even so, she's my mother...
    I want to meet her.

    SAUL: I reckon so...

    ROBIN: Saul, do you know about it?
    The hundred years of the world that are wide open?
    There's a history that nobody knows.

    SAUL: Oh, y'mean the "Blank 100 Years?"
    I'm interested in it, but the government forbids people from lookin' fer it.

    ROBIN: Right. They say my mother is searching all around the world for it.
    But you mustn't tell anyone that!
    Because it's actually a crime.

    SAUL: !?!!

    --Page 4--

    SAUL: Y- you don't mean... she's looking for those rocks called "Poneglyphs," do you!?

    ROBIN: You know about "Poneglyphs"...?

    SAUL: I know, but y'can't say anythin'...!!
    All right, Robin?!!
    Y'can't say anythin' about this problem in front o' anyone!!
    Not t'mention the fact that yer mama's actually lookin' fer 'em...

    ROBIN: What's wrong?

    SAUL: Robin, d'you...
    know what yer mama's name is?

    ROBIN: ...

    SAUL: !!!?

    --Page 5--

    SAUL: ...!!

    ROBIN: Saul...!?

    SAUL: { Robin is...
    Olvia's daughter...!!! }
    So, could it be...
    that this place is the island of "Ohara"!?
    UWAA!!! This is bad!!!...
    How could this happen!! How?
    How could I wash onto the shore of Ohara?!!!

    ROBIN: ?

    --Page 6--

    SAUL: Not in this situation...!!!
    This is bad...
    Y'might be shocked, but...
    Listen to what I'm about t'tell you...!!
    There's a Naval Warship heading
    Towards the land called "Ohara"... at this very moment!!

    ROBIN: The Navy? Why?

    SAUL: To wipe out the island's scholars!!!

    ROBIN: !!?

    SAUL: You... can't tell government guys that you're a "scholar," or anythin'!!

    ROBIN: But that would be lying!!

    SAUL: That's true!!!
    And I'm tellin' you to lie!!!

    --Page 7--

    SAUL: ((Go to the town right now and make sure there haven't been any disasters!!))
    ((It might even be...))
    ((That yer mama's come back!!))

    ROBIN: *haa* *haa*
    My mom has...!?

    OLVIA: Did you expect me to have been captured by the Navy...!!?

    Miss Olvia...!!

    OLVIA: ...

    ARCHAEOLOGISTS: So you were the one who came on the Navy's ship?!!

    --Page 8--

    OLVIA: It's been a long time,
    I've come back ahead of schedule...

    Nico Olvia


    OLVIA: It's bad news, but
    what I've just told you is the truth.

    CLOVER: So you're telling us that the government has finally set its eyes on this land?

    OLVIA: Have you read the newspapers? ...The Poneglyph Exploration Team that sailed out of Ohara 6 years ago...

    --Page 9--

    OLVIA: All 33 members... aside from myself...
    were obliterated.
    And even I was captured by the military for a time.
    --And then the government scoured my dead comrades' belongings... and figured out that we'd come from Ohara.
    Excuses are no use... we're responsible for putting this land in danger..!!

    CLOVER: Are you giving up...?!!
    It's not about whose responsibility it is. Those who went to sea and those who remained here are a single team.
    You aren't the ones responsible for our meeting like this!
    You've been through a lot.

    OLVIA: Doctor...
    Summary for page 10 and later:

    p10: Everyone got caught except Olvia. By examining her comrades' belongings in detail, government found out they're from Ohara. Sorry, because of them, the land is in danger now. Stop it! It's nobody's fault. People who went to the sea is part of the team. Sorry for troubling you.
    p11: From the beginning, government were watching out Ohara, where we research on history. Now probably they think they caught us. They won't miss this chance. In the end, everyone who claims to be a scholor in Ohara will be elliminated. Please get out of Ohara!!

    p12: Yeah. This time, we won't be able to go around the investigation if the government is trying to kill us. But Olvia, I can't run away with human's assets left behind. You know that.

    p13: Same to us, Olvia. I don't know what the government would do, but if we run from here, we can't protect the history we have here. We'll try our best. By the way, you have something in mind, right? I know, but I can't see her... Olvia!? Are you getting on the ship or not!?

    p14: If you care for the kid, don't come!! We'll take care of your husband's regret. No, I'll come. I'm one of Ohara's scholars. I can't forfeit others' will. Sorry, Robin, I'll come back after solving all the mysteries. Where's Mooooom!? Your mom went to the sea for her work. You'll be here for a while. Shut up, if you don't, I'll hit you!! Stop it, she's only 2. My child is only 2, too. I don't know if she's your sister's child or something, but why are you taking care of her!? Who is it!? Ooooh Olvia's daughter, right?

    p15: You can read whatever books in here for free. This is the world's greatest library. Do you like books? She resembles you when you were little. Genius, too. If she's doing fine, then... Once I'm in this path, I have to cut off the relationship. I can't make her a daughter of a criminal.

    p16: Doctor Clover!! Now we have a ship with World Government's flag!! Government's coming all the way to the West Blue? Everyone, listen! You're not my comrades nor acquitance! Whatever happens, don't foget that! Wait, Olvia, what're you gonna do!?

    p17: Ohara Coast. Hey, notify the headquarters that we're here. Sigh, too much trouble. I wonder if I'll get promoted after this. Guys, hold down everyone who claim to be scholars.

    p18: What's going on!? A woman with gun is in town!! Doctor! Everyone! Mom!!

    p19: What the...!? Sorry, Robin!! Kuzan Chuujou!! Report says Spandine from CP9 arrived at Ohara. What!? You don't have to wake me up to tell me that!!!

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    thnks for tranlation tat was really good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesshu
    i wonder what color olvia hair is?
    didn't you read chp 392? It's probably blond.

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    I wonder how long this will go on.

    I mean, we get it. Robin had a rough past. Get over it.

    Not that i don't want to see her past in detail. But at this point?

    It's been a long while since the last good, long clash.
    I'm waiting for some Strawhats foots in cp9 asses since water seven, and they slip in Robins past at this point.

    They could have done that in the middle of the fight or at the end.

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    I have a feeling the flash back will end next chapter and resume in the middle of the fight or something. That would be pretty good......although moderately unlikely...


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