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    In a magical faraway place called Amsterdam


    Name:Zabuza Moreno
    Nick Name: One-Eye
    DF:Heart Heart fruit
    Strength:Traveling Sushi cook
    Skillednly with knives

    Background: Born in a little known town, Janoko, from the GL. Legend has it that 'Red Shoes' Zeff is my grandfather. I say legend because I was a very bad cook until I discovered that I was a child progeny for Sushi at age five, creating masterpeices of the culanary art. I am called 'One-Eye' because of a tragic Sushi accident when I was six. I was the Head Cook for the King of Sanoko until I accidently ate the Heart Heart devil fruit. The King was furious and banished me from Sanoko until I was 'purged' of the fruit; which means when I die my body may go back home. Upon my banisment I became a proficent knife fighter. Refusing to injure my fingers, I put protective guards on the hilt of all my knives which I carry with me all the time. A freindly pirate crew was able to give me a lift from the GL in return for a large meal. The pirates touched me so much that I swore to become a pirate. I am currently looking for work.

    The Heart Heart fruit allows me to talk to all animals. This has allowed me fresh new meat because animals are easy to trick into traps. Also, animals will always warn me of danger, be it a storm or pirates or other animals. I hope later to experiment to see how far I can control an animals mind.

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    This seems to be quite a nice bunch of characters

    About the crewname, I think that should be something we decide later in the game, or maybe weŽll go without a name until the marins give us one that fits our actions and progress

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    The Name should be up to the captain to decide...or you guys cant vote for it.

    Let's begin the story!


    Somewhere off the shores of Corssina...

    "They'er gaining on us father! Hurry!" said Gon.

    "I'm running out of energy moving this boat...i won't give up son...we have to save our people from them..." Gon's dad summons more energy out of his already tired body to move the boat contain his son and himself with his DF power.

    A sudden explosion of water erupted from the plain water few metres away from the tail of the boat.

    "They're firing cannon balls at us...hurry dad...DAD! There's one cannon ball coming for us!" Gon watched in disbelief as a giant black sphere approaches the boat from high above.

    "Hold on son..." Curling his hand into the shape of a circle in the direction of the cannon ball, Gon's father created a giant red bubble by blowing throw the hole created by his hand. The red ball collided with the black ball and ingulfed it whole. Gon jumps for joy when the cannon ball exploded within the bubble and disappeared.

    "YAY! You're so cool dad!" Gon's father watched with a smile, panting, as his son jumped up and down on the boat with joy.

    "No time to waste, we must hurr off..." Gon's father blow a giant red bubble which ingulfed the entire boat, which caused it to start floating slowly forward.

    "How much longer can you keep up dad?"

    "As long as it takes to escapte from them..."

    In the distance, a pirate ship appeared out of the horizon.

    "Surrender yourselves now or we'll continue fire!" shouted a sound from a mysterious voice on the pirate ship to Gon and his father.

    Gon waved his fist in the air at them. "NEVER!"

    "Then you have given us no alternative but to use force against you".

    A series of explosion erupted from the pirate boat, something has been fired at Gon and his father.

    "Harpoons! They're firing harpoons at us!"

    "Look out GON!" Gon's father pushes Gon off the boat.

    OOC: this was the intro story.

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    man we need a cook

    this ship hav been sailing for a week and all we ever get to eat is tastless food....

    u know wat ... thats it i m going to go fish a cook from the sea ... maybe we will be lucky to get a cook

    hrs pass .... the line gets pulled

    holy cow i got someting

    WOW wats this???

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    In character:

    Nevyus is walking down one of the many streets of the town were he has spent the last couple of weeks. "Guess I be needin some cash" he mutters to himself while taking a sip from his long black, curled pipe. "Better be goin to dat pirate-thingy." He slowly strolls down the street, hopefully to the location were that piratecaptain (whatever his name was) was meeting new crewmembers since Nevyus didnt really bother to check were the meeting was actually at.

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    Another one bites the dust... at least, thats what happened to another guy who thought that is the strongest fighter on this world, beaten by three kicks combo placed by youngster looking for a challanger.
    -Man, you suck... No way Im gonna join you, weakling...- so said the youngster, to loing bearded giant man, who claimed to be a captain of the powerful crew.
    -Captain! Hold on!!- giant's crew shouted, trying to praise his fallen captain. They still believed it, so did the captain. Surprisingly, bearded guy stood up and wished to fight more
    -Why you little bastard! You will regret the day you challanged the greatest "Whip Beard", the king of West blue!- his name came from his beard, that he was using as a whip, slaying countless people on one shot. But this time, he didnt really had any luck.
    -Thats right, captain!
    -Beat the crap out of him!
    -This brat wont beat our captain!- while crew was still excited about their powerful captain, the youngster was realy bored, yawning without saying anything, just watching.
    -Listen you guys...- he finally spoke- I'd love to play, but I came here to find a strong crew, that would be able to get me to Grand Line... neither you thugs can be called strong, nor your captain is a man who I would put my life to. Cya...
    -WHY YOU!! "RIPPING SLICE!" - Whipbeard again used his super powerful attack, that was supposed to slice his enemy in two pieces... but, it didnt worked, again. This happened so fast, that the Whip's crew could only see their the youngster, whose foot was smashing giants captains face in mid air. One kick was enough, to put him in sleep mode.
    -Like I told you so in the beggining, morons, sheesh...- youngster wasnt really interested nor angry about that - he was just bored with all the play.
    -A-are you... a monster?- surprisingly, the captain wasnt unconsious, but he couldnt stand, he could only ask him that.
    -NO, Im a real pirate. Kinichou Atarai, but call me Kinrai or I will kill you all.
    -Atarai... no way...- said one of the crewmember- ...are you... really him?
    -Who is "him"?
    -A man who has 95 milion bounty... Kaito Atarai, known as Unarmed Killer... so he must be... Unarmed Killer Jr

    -Dont call me that, morons! Just for now Im a little guy named Kinrai, but soon enough... I will become the strongest of the martial artist in the world! Thats why I need to go to Grand Line, but not with you, weaklings...
    No other words were spoken that time. Youngster just walked forward without looking back. If Whipbeards knew who he was in the beggining, they would never lied a hand on him. ALready a legend, but still only his fathers shadow... thats what he wanted to change.

    Sorry, sometimes I cant stop writing :P BEcouse its a first post, lets talk about the organization
    -in the beggining of each post please write your characters name in bold (It gets easier to remember your name, you dont have to go back to fist page to search for it)
    -I wrote the dialogues in italic, so you all know when Im narrating, and when Im talking (thats my old habit, 2 years of PBF :P )
    -I hope you will forgive me this action, but I wanted to make an intro for my character, since the captain isnt here yet :P
    -Whipbeard wont appear again, but if GM wants him that much, he can use it

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    o man its nothing ....hmmm the ships docking.... well then lets go....

    - sees notice of a pirate round up to GL

    hmm the grand line....that must be the place * would probably left it there so i guess i will try to join the crew just am hoping that the captain is not a bossy type like those i hunted down hate those kind of people

    -xhrs later at an open street theres a gang of 5 people picking on a dog

    crap wheres the place again????

    huh....wats happening over there....hey u guys stop picking on it!!!!
    / o yea then we will pick on u instead/ said one of them
    [sigh bring it on then] i said

    1hr later

    thanks for the meal guys cya
    woof ^_^ (dog)

    [no problem mate hope we dont meet soon] the beaten up gang said

    well now little fella time to go back for leaves

    now then to the meeting place

    *reaches there first to find the captain there*

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    Some more info on Nevyus:

    Description: Nevyus is a quite tall and extremly thin man in his late twenties. He wears a long coat that was once white but now is tainted by many years of sleeping wherever he wants, fighting with however who wants to and operate in whatever conditions that requires him to. He has pretty long black hair that hangs partly in a ponytail och the back of his head and partly combed back behind his ears. On the right side of his hair there are three round blue dots, a part of his natural haircolor. He carries all his medical equipment in his coat in various pockets and other places.

    Attacks and special moves.

    Slide slide Hide: Nevyus sinks into the ground unfortunatly leaving all his equipment and clothes above the earth.

    Slide slide Ripper: Nevyus reaches into an enemys chest and basicly just starts to replace things, squeese a little on vital parts and punch the enemy from the inside.

    Slide slide defense: As an enemy tries to hit Nevyus he just slides through the attack, however, this is a move that takes a lot of concentration on the specific spot that were the attack hits, if nevyus makes his hole body slide he will sink into the earth.

    slide slide heartstopper: Nevyus reaches into an enemys chest and grabs his heart. Coulde be used as an instant kill or as torture.

    Slide slide prison: Nevyus lets a part of an enemy slide into himself and then stops sliding to keep it there. The enemy is stuck but this is also something that hurts like hell for Nevyus and could do just as much harm for himself.

    Slide slide purification: If Nevyus is poisoned he can simply let the poison slide through him to get rid of it.

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    mate that slide thing is weird really weird

    but for the crew u will be one hell of a doctor ... able to cure stuff without cuting the body...but then u can perv on girls so better keep an eye on u when we have company

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    The Afterlife



    "Huff!! Huff!! I'm gonna be freakin' late!"

    Otto is swimming like a mad man torward his meeting with the pirate captain. He finally sights the dock of ships in the distance.

    "Yes! I've finally reached the place!!"

    Otto flew out of the water and landed gracefully to the suprise of the townspeople.

    "Those guys better not have left without me.", says Otto.

    "Hey stop theif!!!",yells an old lady.

    Otto quickly puts his hand out to stop the villan only to find out its a little street urchin.

    "Only a kid? Hmm to bad, I was expectin' a fight. Ok then kid how about givin' the nice old lady back her stu-"

    Otto is interupted by a sharp pain in his arm. The little kid has sunk his teeth deep into Otto.

    "EeeeYOW!!! What the hell, kid?!!", screams Otto

    The kid jaws are loosened by a young woman.

    The young woman apoligizes, "I'm very sorry for my sons behavior, Mr. Merman and Miss."

    Otto and the old lady say simuntaniously "It's no problem."

    The woman turns to her son,"Why did you do that? You know it's wrong to steal."

    Otto stares at the drama.

    "But we don't have enough money to buy anything at home after dad left", the kid cries.

    "That's not a good reason", says the woman.

    "*Sigh* Hey you two! Here.", Otto says as he tosses them a wad of belli.

    "WHA!", the family exclaims.

    "I'm about to become a pirate so I don't need it.", says Otto.

    "Er...Thank you, Mr. Merman.", says the woman with a dumbfounded look on her face.

    "Hey it's no prob.", says Otto as he sprints away.

    The woman and the boy unfurl the wad to find 1,000 belli!

    The two gasp at the sight.

    "Wow, 1,000 belli!", exclaims the child.

    "How generous. Was he really a pirate?", says the woman.
    As Otto jogs on his way, he thinks to himself...

    "It's always nice to help people in need."

    *GROWL!* Otto's stomach rumbles loudly.

    "Damn it!! Why the hell did I give away that much money!?!!? I could have gotten something to eat! That ship better have a good cook on it."

    As soon as he said that, Otto saw the pirate ship.

    "OKAY!! I'm finally gonna be a pirate!!!", yelled Otto as he jumped high into the air and landed on the deck.


    Here's a little description of Otto:
    Tall, lanky and blue. His face is that of a human the only thing different is that he has webbed fins in place of his ears. He wears a hawaiian patterned shirt and shorts.

    Shark Grip: Otto grabs a hold of something and crushes it with his merman strength.

    Manta Sting: Otto jumps into the air and launches at his opponent, feet first, with is legs together.

    High wave: When an enemy runs at Otto he dodges and flips them into the air.

    Tsunami: Otto grabs hold of his opponent, flips him into tthe air , and then jumps into the air along with them. He then bends the opponent across his shoulders and lands on the ground with great force.

    Liquid AK: With water in his mouth, Otto fires drops of water at the enemy like bullets.

    Bubbles Dance: Otto blows a ton of bubbles around him. The bubbles have high pressure air in them and explode with the force of a grenade. Otto can touch the bubbles without popping them but his enemy can't the bubbles float around Otto when blown, and Otto can send them at the foe by smacking 'em away.

    Bubbles Helmet: Otto can provide his friends with air when they go under water by blowing a bubble and then placing it over their head. The can then breath the air supply provided within the bubble for a limited amount of time.

    Seafood Torrent: Otto launches a ton of rapid fire punches at the enemy.

    Sushisault: Otto flips into the air and lands a kick on the enemy with one straight leg.


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