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    Luffy vs Zorro - Maybe tie...I'm not sure, but they are both determined when in battle...
    Robin vs Zorro- Zorro would find a way to defeat her, of that I'm sure
    Luffy vs Robin - Luffy...
    Robin vs Sanji(if he weren't a ladyboy)- this I don't know what to say...Robin, maybe?
    Franky vs Robin- Franky would find a way to do it XD
    Franky vs Zorro- Zorro
    Sanji vs Zorro- Zorro...
    Sanji vs Franky- Tie?
    Chopper vs Sanji- Sanji...
    Chopper vs Nami - Chopper...Nami isn;t very strong, yet she is helpful in batlles
    Chopper vs Usop- Chopper?
    Nami vs Usop- that depends on Nami's mood, she can get dangerous with that stick XD Yet Usop created it, and would know it's flaws
    Smoker vs Crocodile - hard to say, both have an interesting devilfruit, but now the 'new' Smoker seems to have gotten stronger XP
    Smoker vs Ace- Ace...
    OMG! he forgot his lines ! ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold690 View Post
    if i remembers right so can robin make 200 limbs at the most (don't remeber where i heard it)

    found it on Wiki
    hehehe, imagine all that boobs

    luffy would kick zoro's ass anyhow

    he is the lead character, he would win since zoro wouldent use anyun-fair advantages

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    I just hate the idea of them fighting in general. I think that was only a one time thing excluding fillers.

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    Luffy vs Zorro- Ace (luffys brother)
    Robin vs Zorro- Ace
    Luffy vs Robin- Ace
    Robin vs Sanji(if he weren't a ladyboy)- Ace
    Franky vs Robin- Ace
    Franky vs Zorro- Ace
    Sanji vs Zorro- Ace
    Sanji vs Franky- Ace
    Chopper vs Sanji- Ace
    Chopper vs Nami- Ace
    Chopper vs Usop- Ace
    Nami vs Usop- Ace
    Smoker vs Crocodile- Ace
    Smoker vs Ace- Ace

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    luffy would win.......zoro said this in the manga

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    "Zoro is pyishly stronger than Luffy, since has done tings like lift up a large builden over his head and throw about 20-40 feet (which is pretty danm well for a non-devil fruit user) also Zore has taken far more damage in fight then Luffy, form lossing half his blood in at least pnce and still getting back up and fight. Luffy can still take it a bite but due to his power most non-blade attacks (bullets, cannons,, punches) don't have any effect on him but since Zoro doesnt have any blunt attacks then that wouldn't have any problem."

    Ummm... NO. This post DEMANDS rebuttal.

    Luffy, from a stationary position, with no momentum pushed down, with a shove two mansions with WINDOWS bigger then he is. Also it was not 20 - 40 feet. Seriously, where did you get that number? And losing half his blood? What about having a hole pierced through through his chest in one side out the other, thrown in quicksand, dried to the point of being a mummy, beaten until covered in his own blood, and poisoned by a lethal poison all within the span of what, an hour? Hell, the through the chest alone would do SERIOUS blood loss, yet Luffy had the strength to fight powerful quicksand. Also Luffy's power has NOTHING to do with being a DF user. he can use recoil and snapback to power up his attacks, but his physical strength came from pure training hell courtesy of his grandfather. Also even though blades can affect him normally whereas nothing less then an insanely strong blow will, it is not some magical weakness. he is NOT weak against blades, he is strong against impacts. BIG difference. Especially considering the slashes and impalements he has taken yet keeps on fighting. Also upon seeing how powerful Lucci was, Zoro and the rest of the crew admitted Luffy was the only one who could win, to me that means Luffy > Zoro. Even if it is only with the gears. Zor had difficulty against a man with 2200 Dokuriki who was also inexperienced "no matter how inventive he was on the fly" Zoan user. Luffy beat a man with a 4000 dokuriki, experienced to the max Zoan DF user who could use all his forms perfectly, with perfected Rokushiki, and that Life Return skill. Luffy beat someone on a WHOLE different level. Also so what if it does not show the training of Luffy and the others? If we go by what we see, Zoro only occasionally trains and is a lazy always sleeping bum.

    Anyway that aside, as for the match-ups
    Luffy vs Zorro --- Luffy. With his gears he just outmatches Zoro
    Robin vs Zorro ---- Robin. No matter how strong you are, your finger joints are weak, just like she showed Yama, she could simply snap them and he could not hold his sword, she can go for the eyes, the nuts, and dozens of vulnerable spots. Mere strength will NOT be enough.
    Luffy vs Robin ---- Luffy. Robin can't really do anything to Luffy's rubbery body and bones
    Robin vs Sanji(if he weren't a ladyboy) ---- Robin. see Zoro vs. Robin
    Franky vs Robin ------- Franky. While Robin already proved she could hurt Franky... down there, but overall it would not be enough to keep Franky down, and his cyborg body would be largely untouchable by Robin.
    Franky vs Zorro ---- Zoro. He can probably cut Franky, and Frankie's stamina is not that good compared to Mr. I'll survive just about anything Zoro due to his cola running out.
    Sanji vs Zorro ---- Zoro. But NOT by the large amount everyone usually claims. Sanji is not as pure a fighter as Zoro, thus is not quite as good. Of course when it comes to brains and planning Sanji is FAR superior, but in a straight fight? Zoro wins.
    Sanji vs Franky ----- Sanji. More skilled and a steel defense means nothing to his flaming kicks.
    Chopper vs Sanji --- Sanji. Outside monster point, which he would never use against his friends, Sanji is just stronger.
    Chopper vs Nami --- Chopper. Nami has some sneaky skills, but Chopper can just analyze them with scope, he has guard point to protect against the lightning attacks, and could down Nami in one hit.
    Chopper vs Usop ---- Chopper. Ussop is not really meant for melee, not without a LOT of planning. If they just ended up in a fight Chopper would win.
    Nami vs Usop ---- Nami. Ussop already proved he did not actually know everything the Perfect Clima Tact or the Clima Tact could do. And again wihtout time to set up an elaborate plan, he is just not a melee man.
    Smoker vs Crocodile ---- Smoker. Smoker's weakness is MUCH more complicated then Crocodile's.
    Smoker vs Ace. Enclosed space where the smoke could over whelm the fire? Smoker. Open space where it could not, probably Ace.

    Whew...... long post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhiskey View Post
    Out of all these fights who would win????
    Luffy vs Zorro
    Robin vs Zorro
    Luffy vs Robin
    Robin vs Sanji(if he weren't a ladyboy)
    Franky vs Robin
    Franky vs Zorro
    Sanji vs Zorro
    Sanji vs Franky
    Chopper vs Sanji
    Chopper vs Nami
    Chopper vs Usop
    Nami vs Usop
    Smoker vs Crocodile
    Smoker vs Ace
    There's so many make me confusse
    I think there are equal between luffy, zorro, and sanji even Nami is cool when she's fight, But I preffered to chose luffy because he's strenght unexpected.

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    One Piece characters are so unpredictable during battle; it's so hard to decide.

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    Ayato_kamina, you make some good counterpoints, so I'll address them.

    The Monster Point thing is more the fact Chopper NEVER wants to use it, ever. It is an INCREDIBLY last ditch move. Even if it was a fight with violent intent, I can't see him using it on any of the Straw Hats. However even if he does, he does have to go through the second rumble ball stage to use it. With full control over his 7 forms he might last against Sanji, once he takes the second one and can't even control his powers? It might be over before he even gets to eat a third Ruble Ball.

    Yes, Chopper is a bit gullible, but I don't think it will be enough to keep him down. It might though, so I guess it is a bit uncertain.... However, you kind of contradicted yourself in your own points. If Chopper is in the mindset to actually use his monster point anyway, Ussop is creamed anyway, right?

    As for Sanji vs. Franky,Sanji's flaming kicks tore through Jyabura's steel defense, and as was shown when Franky tried to hit Lucchi with the same attack that creamed Fukurou, that Dokuriki affects the power of what Tekkai can with stand. I'd say Jyabura's 1380 higher incredible Dokuriki would give him a steel defense stronger then Franky's natural steel body, and Sanji tore through it like paper. Besides, even if it does not, Sanji knows Franky is vulnerable in the back, and in the Davy Back Fight Sanji proved he could take a beating as well as Zoro could, combined with how Franky has a limit on how long he can fight due to his cola, I'd give this to Sanji either way.

    As for Zoro vs. Robin. I can't see Zoro yet at the level where he can attack faster then Robin, she does attack at the speed of thought, and she proved no matter how strong you are, she has ways to **** you up. But I guess we can agree to disagree.
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