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    Default Spandam acting alone?

    Spandam the corrupt government official is he acting without the backing of the world government?

    1. he has the buster call from Aokiji, but when robin asked why Aokiji would entrust it with him... he went berserk. Aokiji isn't a bad guy as far as I can tell and I can't imagine him giving over the buster call to someone like spandam

    2. the cp9 was assgined to be spandam for his personal use, but like lucchi said, they don't give a f**ck as long as there is blood, so Spandam can use them anyway he likes

    3. Spandam talks like he IS the world government. Is he planning to use the weapons for his own purposes? could this be an abuse of power just like the crocodile incident?

    Mysterious, no?

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    CP9 is black ops officially they don't exist. Maximum deniablity and they take care of the dirty and top secret work that must never be traced back to the world government. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if the individual countries knew that the world government was going after the ancient weapons, thats why Robins village was annihilated and a high price put on her head so they could openly hunt her without giving away the true reason.

    Spandam has his orders and while he is after personal power and glory he seems to want it within the world government structure. I don't doubt for a second that if anything goes wrong all the blame will fall on Spandam as a rogue operative and he'll be hung out to dry. So no, he has the backing of the world government. Aokiji's motives in this affair are harder to pinpoint but I hope more will be revealed in the next few chapters.

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    Aokiji definitely has some ulterior motive for doing all this. If he really didn't care jack about the general opinion towards WG, he would have just stormed Water Seven all on his own years ago and frozen everyone where they stood. No doubt he would have picked the city place apart tile by tile and found out about Franky and everything...

    I find it unbelievable that someone with an ability like Aokiji's couldn't have recaptured Nico Robin. Supposing he wasn't a total sucker back then - with so little ability that even a 8-year-old could escape from his prison - I'd say he let Nico Robin get away. The motive for this evades me as well. (Unless it was on WG's orders that Nico Robin was driven to her pirate-annihilating lifestyle since that...)

    We can see in the manga how easily Aokiji caught up to the Strawhats and virtually defeated the whole crew with just a couple attacks. If he wanted to be an Eneru-type overlord, he would have the potential for it. Maybe he has some ingrained, weird sense of justice that he follows? Maybe it's a promise to a (dead) friend or something equally cheesy and unforeseeable.

    As for why he gave Spanda the Buster Call... I somehow get the feeling that it's more for "clean-up duty" purposes. Meaning, if Spanda screws up so bad he needs a Buster Call, it's time for everyone to go asleep...

    So, I don't think Spandam is corrupt. He's just jumping the gun and getting overexcited because of (what was) his admittedly very promising situation.

    Edit: Would Aokiji and the rest of Buster Call torch down Enies Lobby? Probably yes, if the option is to have their ancient weapon plans exposed to the public.

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    Who doo u tihnk aokiji brother is ... oould it be smoker ... or probably spandom ... if its spandom he probably gave him the buster call to protect him ....
    spandom just crae for power to the extreme .. in this manga u can't reall know who is good and who is bad because everyone is fighting for their dream and believe ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverCross
    Who doo u tihnk aokiji brother is ... ....

    I don`t know why, but I think his brother is rob lucci...

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    Yea I also thought that to, I still do. I forget where I heard it from though.




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