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    Default Is Bon-chan aka mr.2 really dead? Or will we meet him again I hope

    I just realized this after reading through OP again to the current issue. But It never showed him getting killed by poison or whatever, but up to there its implied that he was defeated. But later on when BlackBeard shows up we find out that with the level 6 inmates that they together beat Megellan. So if by chance they defeated Megellan before he could finish Bon-chan then perhaps we may see him again. This is just speculation but also wishful thinking. Bon-chan always sacrifices himself for Luffy and I would love to see him in the New World.

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    I also think Blackbeard got there in time, and Bon-chan could flee then...
    But that´s perhaps what Oda wants us to think, and then we´ll see his dead body on the sea floor T_T xDD

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    I don't mind Bon Clay's character, but during the Impel Down arc I absolutely did NOT want Bon Clay to live, because if he did I was pretty sure he would have become one of the Strawhats. I don't want that to happen, because I think experiencing his personality that often would begin to grate on my nerves.

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    I wish he's dead or stay in ID at the very least..too much character might burdening storyline tho i know Oda never let us down yet..
    Say whatever you like but still I believe in ODAWESOME!

    I still believe Gomu Gomu fruit deserve to be a Logia

    Lets read VAGABOND of Inoue Takehiko (Slamdunk)

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    I think that he might be alive... remember that the blackbeard crew attacked magellan and he ended badly injured. We don't know exactly when they attacked magellan, so it might be just when he was angry and trying to kill Bon kurei.
    I don't really care if he is alive or not, i'm just giving a fact (uncertain fact btw :P)

    p.d: remember that the blackbeard crew is famous for taking their chances, and with magellan without any distraction... he could finish the blackbeard crew again

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    I never liked Mr. 2 but good thing Rubin is in Luffy's team. I'm tired reminiscing the episode where Rubin is still one of the enemies at Crocodile's side.




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