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    Default 512 Spoilers


    Chapter 512: Zoro, haven't heard any word from him
    Coverstory: Unknown powerful men - CP9 is tearing up the pirates

    Kizaru: I heard the rumor that you were on this island a few times.... I guess it was true.
    To take the side of these young rookies, so you're still a pirate after all huh, Mr Rayleigh?
    Rayleigh: If you guys would cast away my bounty poster, I could live in peace you know
    Kizaru: A pirate's sins will never dissapear...!! Especially not of the Roger Pirates
    ...However, if I'm going to catch you, I will have to prepare myself...

    Brook: He stopped the body that passes through my thrusts.... how!?

    Rayleigh: You know you can't let them escape.... right, Kizaru-kun?
    Kizaru: You gotta give me a break, sir... If I don't catch these kids....
    We the Marines will love our face to the Tenryuubito. Please don't get in our way...!!!

    Luffy: Usopp, Brook!!! Grab Zoro and run!!! Everyone!!! Just think about fleeing!!
    With our current strength... we can't beat these guys!!!
    Kizaru: Such a good sport.... That's quite irritating
    Franky: I'm gonna use up all the cola...!!! This is my final attack! Coup de Vent!!!

    Franky attacks Kuma, Kuma gets blown back

    Luffy: Run!!! Thanks old man!!
    Rayleigh: Good!! Take care!!
    Kizaru: Yasha no Kagami
    Usopp: Whoa, it's bright!!!
    Brook: Light!!! He may be doing something!!

    Kizaru tries to chase, but Rayleigh slashes at him.

    Kizaru: ...!!! Whoa....!!!
    Rayleigh: I won't let you go. It's been a while for me to take up sword
    Kizaru: Amakumo no Tsurugi

    The swords clash

    Sentoumaru: I guess he's the real Hades Lord, I've never seen daddy Kizaru gets stopped!!
    But we can almost take down that over 100 million berry bounty Roronoa....
    PX-1!! Roronoa is almost down, go after him first!!

    Kuma (PX-1) goes after Zoro
    Brook goes down trying to protect Zoro, and so does Sanji (Although not down yet)

    Kizaru: My men are plenty power enough, no...!?
    Rayleigh: ......!! (clashes swords)

    Luffy: They're in trouble over there...!!!
    Sentoumaru: You don't have any time paying attention to your crew!!
    I don't even need to use my axe.... Ashigara Dokkoi!!

    Luffy is blown away

    Chopper: Luffy!! ...Why does his hit hurt Luffy? Damnit!!!
    Usopp: Sanji!!!

    Sanji goes down this time. Usopp, carrying Zoro, also goes down.

    Chopper: Damnit.... Everyone's going down....!!! Stop, you guys!!!
    Robin: No, Chopper!!
    Chopper goes berserk
    Sentoumaru: What the hell is that?

    Usopp barely manages to stand up, and tries to wake up Sanji and Brook. PX-1 stands in front of him.

    ???: Wait, PX-1!!!
    Usopp: What? Whaaaat!!? Another one!!! What's going on!!! I can't take this anymore... How many of them are there!!!
    Zoro: This... is the real one
    Kuma: So you survived, Roronoa?
    Zoro: Thanks to your.... kindness
    Kuma: Where do you want to go for traveling?

    In the next moment, Kuma makes Zoro dissapear


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    Page 1:
    Chapter 512: "Zoro, haven't hear any word from him"

    Page 2:
    Usopp: Let's go Brook!!!
    Luffy: Everyone!!! Just think about retreating!!! At our current strength, we can't (cut off)

    Page 3:
    Kizaru: Nuu!!!
    Swords clash
    Kizaru: Whew.... Well, I'm in trouble.... I came to this island thinking this will be easy...
    Rayleigh: Life is about contemplating the choices, Kizaru-kun...!!

    Page 4:
    Sanji and Usopp are shot down by PX-1
    Chopper: Damnit!!!! Everyone's going down....!!!
    Robin: No, Chopper!!
    Chopper: You guys stop it!!!
    Chopper eats rumble balls.

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    Page 5:
    Chopper: BUOOOOO!!!!!!

    Page 6:
    Usopp: Run....
    Luffy: what....
    .....? What the?? Zoro!!? ...?? Zoro!!?

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    You kinda actually posted the whole chapter xD
    But this week´s chapter is badass awesome crazy shit....
    I hope Zorro is gonna get better and come back soon (well,it ain´t soooo bad if he skips an arc...I think)

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    haha there are some panels I left out I think, but I did not see this coming at all. Chopper Rumble ball x3. The real Kuma along with PX-1, I don't even think the Dark King can handle all of them while the straw hats are trying to escape. Oh and Zoro gone wtf wow wow wow.

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    So now they'll probably try to bust out Zorro. Maybe Kuma will take him to where Ace is.
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    I almost wish I hadn't read this thread so I could be joyfully surprised to see giant, rampaging Chopper again when I read the issue. I like how Once Piece doesn't give the shaft to the supporting characters by letting them do cool stuff along with Luffy.
    Now I'm curious how super-sized Chopper handles one of the Kuma knock-offs.

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    The tension has been so insane lately!

    I wonder if Zoro will run into that Goth chick in his "travels"

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