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    Default Is OP getting to long

    One Piece is getting a little too long, i mean they have to beat the shit out of the world government, the sevan warlords of the sea (after this fight there will be five left), and Four Emperors. Then Luffy is going to have to do something about his dad, also he has to find the "true history", so seemingly One Piece could actually end up longer than Inuyasha

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    That's the idea. There's soo much to do in the story it's a never ending possiblity. Don't you just love it

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    there are many filler arcs like sky-island and now the undead-island.

    so its not too long but the story needs far more chapters to develop since everytime the story goes a little further, a filler arc comes up

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    There already was a issue like that pointed out in latest manga discussion thread, so I'll just sum up what I wrote there:

    I can assure you that SH won't be fighting all the Shikinbuki (or whatever those seven pirate gods original name is ^_^'), coz for one thing: Mihawk is one of them and there's no-way anyone else will defeat him in stead of Zoro. I say they'll probably take on that fishguy (Jinbei if I recall correctly) alone and then have some arc involving fighting all the other 'Pirate gods' at once.

    As for the emperors: I find it doubtful SH will go against Shanks and his crew or will they have a reason to fight against the World Government (at least at this point). I say that if anything they'll be either fighting the government (along side with Luffy's dad) or go off against Dragon. Taking on both World Government AND Monkey D. Dragon is unlikely.

    And finally: as long as Oda-sama can come up with original and interesting ideas (like he did so far) I don't mind "One Piece" keep going. Lets face it: he always manages to make the fights original, the adventures interesting and keeps on smuggling new messages through the story. There are titles younger then OP and are already starting to get boring (like "Bleach" who became repetitive and unnecesarry stretched).

    Although it's been a while since that story started, if only Oda-sama will manage to keep the quality of the story at least as good as it was so far, I wish him another ten years (coz if I recall that's how many he go already).

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    yep, I am also hoping it stays good until the end (especially as I have just ordered volumes 11 through 39 :P)

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    Oh no. At the current level of this fantanstic manga series, One Piece can never be too long. If Oda limit himself to end this quickly, a grand adventure of epic portion wouldn't be feasible. Thus far, there ISN'T a grand adventure of epic portion manga series other than One Piece in history! Even Dragon Ball only lasted 45 volumes. One Piece is going to make history and I am here to read every single last chapters of it.

    I love it, I want this series to go 1000 chapters. But please kill me if Naruto ever goes to 1000.

    P.S. Not that it's important, but why One Piece isn't being updated on Stoptazmo?

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    I agree, OP has been very good and original so far. I for one like the Sky-Piea and Thriller Bark arcs, and wish for OP to continue for a long time to come.

    Duke, as far as I can figure, Stoptazmo is putting up null's scanlations which are better quality than what is usually released in the forum, which is still pretty decent usually. Null does 1 volume at a time usually so their releases are on the slow side.

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    it actually doesn't feel that long...coz everything sort of flow nicely into the story line.....unlike naruto, it has less chapter than OP but.....jeezz...feels like ages....the same repetitive stuff that keeps, well, repeating again and again

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    This isnt a filler arc silly. He's fighting a schichibukai so its automatically grand-plot-advancing.


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    The only thing in onepiece that i feel too long is the fight....
    The stories however is never too long for me, i cant get enough of it...


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