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    Actually, I even find the fights not as long... usually they take three chapters at best (with exceptions of Luffy's fights, who are against the 'baddest guy in the arc'... those go above that number).
    Compared to "Naruto" (which, to be honest, I'm slowly starting to get bored with) that's not so much. For example in the Rescue mission arc, each fight lastest like one volume, which makes around 9 chapters. Each fight and there were basically six (with Naruto vs. Sasuke taking up even more space).
    Or take even "Bleach"... nothing can beat the length of those fights. I think Kubotite is aiming to make them DBZ-long and although nothing happens between the end and beginning of the chapter, fights has been taking several chapters lately.

    OP case is different: I find the fights exciting and although they always involve the same characters, they're not as repetitive like those in "Bleach" ("Naruto" also sometimes repeats tricks, but at the very least Kishimoto-sama tries to make those battles interesting by making the fighters think ahead).

    Oda-sama simply has great imagination and as long as the battles will keep on being original and action-packed, I won't mind them getting few chapters. So far there has only been one fight that I think lasted too long in the entire series: Luffy vs. Eneru/Enel...

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    i hope oda doesnt die.

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    one piece will go on forever they still have tons of stuff to acomplish, and if the quality of the manga stays as good as it has been this is gonna be great

    Anybody know whats the record holding longest manga ever? Im pretty sure its like Hajime Ippo right now but i think one piece can top that

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    Kochi kame has been going on long before hajime no ippo. there's an anime series in japan that has been goin on just as long as well. i think it was called sazae-san or something.

    and there are no such thing as filler arcs in a media which is canonic to the series and is produced by the creator himself (the manga),filler chapters, maybe. sky island was no filler arc. it was a plot to make the straw hats rich which eventually acts as a catalyst to trigger the cp9 arc. thriller bark can be said the same though what event it will trigger in future arcs is yet to be seen.

    if anyone is doubtful of the statement above, know this; oda has already have an ending in his head. even before the series ever gotten serialized, he has already made the whole plan for the story and plot from beginning to end (although early on in the baroque works saga, he made major changes to said plan due to its rising popularity. he'd end it in around [speculation] 25 volumes otherwise). its the reason why there are few, if not none, plot holes.

    and you really can't compare this to inuyasha. inuyasha's plot is long and repetitive, and the story seems more like a last minute spur of the moment kinda script, hence, its boring. OP, in the very root of it, is just as repetitive (land on island, make friends, fight enemies, touching moment, leave island, repeat). however, in oda's hand, such repetitive sequence are improvised in a number of ways, as oppose to takahashi's same monotonous plot, and not just the island's theme, but the situations they're in, reasons for their fight, the enemies bizarreness and quirks, etc. which results in, something REALLY enjoyable.

    i understand that the story can drag on and on endlessly. but rest assured, its for the best really as it somewhat amplifies the more touching moments (to the point of making me cry as much as Franky). i can't really describe it well here. i mean, imagine the whole CP9 saga only takes up 3-4 volumes, it follows up with a touching scene say, Luffy shouting to Robin to go back together. i'm confident i won't cry. but the fact that it took up 10-11 volumes kinda tells you what a hard journey they've been thru and you kinda feel happy and truly appreciate what they achieved at the end.
    Do I have to?

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    I think that what he means by this arc and the sky island arc being filler is that they aren't rescuing a nakama, but I think that unlike the sky island arc, in this arc they will be getting a new nakama which would put it on the same the same level as the Drum, Don Krieg, Kuro, and Morgan arcs. Definitely not filler.

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    A long story is good as long as the ending isnt "rushed" like many other series.

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    I like the longevity of One Piece; its one big long adventure that will never end. Its one of the last shonen left that has any originality and is worth reading. And people the thriller bark arc is not a filler, or would you rather ever chapter be the SH crew versus the world government. After this arc is over their bounties will once again be raised and the rest of the Shichibukai will probably want to make a move on them.

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    i dont think OP is too long.. it flows perfectly smooth, nothing strange.. i even surprised knowing that the whale the crew met in the begining of the story has something to do in the later journey.. i think oda sensei realy had planed the whole plot..

    bout the filler thing, i dont agree that OP has any filler in it.. OP is a comic bout journey, many things can happen in the journey.. it would be soo boring if a comic is all bout mission like naruto or bleach..

    another thing is, there is no arc enemy in OP.. there is only one destination, which is One Piece. and i think the crew is still so far from it.. arch enemy makes us think that after defeating the boss, theres nothing beyond it. and if there is something beyond the boss, i will think that the mangaka just take the advantages of the popularity of the manga (so that he can earn more money :P). i feel that kind of feeling in inuyasha.. when inuyasha had defeated naraku, somehow, naraku still alive and got more powerful too.. i hate it.. after that, i drop inuyasha

    i also read hajime no ippo. i like it. but in the latest chapters, i kinda bored of it.. the mangaka looks like avoiding ippo meeting his rival..

    sumary... so far, i like OP the best, ever. and i hope oda sensei can maintain the good work.. and i will keep reading OP..

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    When asked about the best literary works that I've read, One Piece is never left out. It's not even because of the originality, because, let's be real people, every bit of plot technique has been used up by so many different authors. The trick is to give your basic market the thing that they like, which in this case, IMHO, is humor followed up by emotions perfectly transmitted to its readers and UnBoring story line.

    And as diokhan said, there's no such thing as fillers on an original format. Fillers are only added when a media is starting to run out of materials because they're already catching up to the original format. When the filler arcs in the Naruto anime started, the main reason for it is to let Kishimoto have some breathing space. So I repeat again, there's no such thing as FILLERS on ONE PIECE MANGA.

    Quote Originally Posted by colt45joe View Post
    i hope oda doesnt die.
    don't jinx it! jeez...
    Don't click the angry smiley

    "It is inevitable, some defeat will even come to those with the most victorious of lives.
    But the human spirit is never finished when it is defeated. It is only finished when it surrenders."

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    Oda can give me "filler" arcs anytime, anyplace. His imagination is just too fun for anything he makes to be boring.


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