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Thread: Zoro vs Luffy

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    Luffy will win no doubt, luffy has evolved to second gear which makes him faster and stronger, even if zoro is able to land some hits with his swords probably he won't be able to stand if luffy uses his jet pistol or his jet bazooka.

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    Here are two scenarios that could happen...

    1) The two of them fight, cause damage to the ship, then get interrupted by Nami who'll beat the s*** out of both of them.

    2) The two of them fight and start off dodging each other's attacks. Luffy gets a few lucky punches, breaking the monotony of dodges. Such punches will not stop Zoro. Zoro, to counter-attack, manages to draw blood. Now that both are slightly injured, the fight escalates. Now that Zoro is a bit weaker from minor injuries, Luffy can afford to bring out the big guns (bazooka and axe). Zoro may take a few of such hits, but for the ones that don't hit him, he'll have the opportunity to play the punishment game. Chances are, though, that they'll just rush at each other recklessly. Once both are too injured to dodge properly, the fight becomes a hitting match where they start using their special attacks. Since they're both so stubborn, they'll probably keep hitting each other all day until they both fall over from exhaustion. If the fight takes place on land, their crewmates will drag their sorry butts back onto the ship.

    Eh... at least that's what I think... probably inaccurate as h***.

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    Ok, a couple things...

    It is true that Zoro might not care who his captain is as long as he can sleep and eat, but he clearly knows that if he stays with Luffy, he will no doubt encounter some of the world's strongest swordsmen. (in fact he already has)

    A battle between Luffy and Zoro would never be about "intelligence." They both clearly have the strength to kill each other so of course it would be possible that one of them could do something underhanded to win in a fight, but neither of them would do something dishonorable in a fight, so it's pointless to talk about trickery.

    Luffy is very simpleminded, but that is very different from being "dumb." It just seems like he lacks common sense, but that's not that bad of a thing. He doesn't really think about the consequences of his day to day choices, but he always does what is right in regards to his goal of becoming the Pirate King. His creativity and courage allow him create techniques and "strategies" that are simple, effective, against each of his opponents and his moves always suit his style. If you read Yakitate (lol) he's kinda like Azuma (or like any other "dumb" lead character. He thinks outside of the box and doesn't ever think twice about doing things that most people in his world think are impossible.

    Zoro isn't dumb either, he just doesn't care about doing things that make him look smart. His main goal is to become the strongest swordsman in the world, period. Just because he's a swordsman doesn't necessarily relegate him to fighting only other swordsman. He'd have to be able to fight lots of kinds of opponents and styles if he truly wants to be the top swordsman. What good is a great swordsman if he could only fight other swordsmen.

    So, is Zoro better because he constantly trains? Or does Luffy rock more because he doesn't have to? In the end, all that stuff doesn't matter.

    To quote FudgeBoy132:
    2) They both are around the same skill level at the momment, but luffy tends to learn and increase his "power' faster. It's like he has a higher xp rate. Zoro is at his lvl after training as a kid, and after fighting lots of other pirates while he was a bounty hunter. But luffy trained his gumu gumu techniques since he was a kid, but he has only been fighting other pirates for around a year. And already he has beaten two of the seven pirate gods and has already entered the grand lane, made a bounty of h 1 billion and is currently storming the marine headquarters.
    I think that's kinda bull. Yes, Zoro had been training all his life, but it's only once he joined up with Luffy that he was able to fight incredibly strong opponents. So, ever since DBZ, it's only after really strong guy that you get strong yourself.

    Ok, now for the real point of this post. Who wins? (here are some arguments people have come up before)
    1. Zoro has swords... but it's not like Luffy hasn't fought people who could cut him.

    2. Luffy's attacks are very linear... so what... Zoro uses swords, that's pretty linear and straightforward too. (he does have three though...)

    3. Luffy has Gear Second and has learned soru. Well, that's a tough one. We can't assume that Zoro is going to learn Soru too, but we already know that he can keep up with someone who can use Soru (Kaku)... so it's clear that he's fast too. I don't think he's going to learn some power up move like Luffy, but I also don't think he has too. He does focus more when he's in a life or death situation... but so does Luffy.

    4. Luffy has DF abilities. I think the way Luffy uses his gomu gomu abilites against Zoro is the key to this fight.

    It also seems that Luffy has a bit more fighting stamina too. It's hard to tell though, because you would think that getting cut once is just as bad or worse than getting punched a hundred times.

    Luffy is more linear but I think he is also more unpredictable. He's got more stamina.
    It would be a close fight, but I think Luffy wins. It could go either way though. They'd probably never fight though.. unless Luffy defeats Mihawk or something.

    I don't really know how either of them would beat Ace though... lol

    (ok, I just spent way to long thinking and writing about this... kinda sad... but fun!)

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    hmmm, since Zoro vs Kaku and Luffy vs Lucchi

    i believe that Luffy is equal to Lucchi, or at least stronger than Kaku (2500+)

    Kaku can take Zoro's sword without being hurt with his Tekkai

    Luffy has figured out how to use Soru (maybe Tekkai too)

    and the biggest advantage is Gomu2 Jet Techniques

    which makes him can strikes enemies in a distance....
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