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    Default Most Badass Scenes/Lines

    One Piece is full of those moments where the reader/watcher is pumped, cheering, maybe emitting a girlish giggle, what have ye.

    Post your favorite badass scenes/lines! Hell, if you can come up with a line that would totally work for a character (already existing), then let's hear!

    One of my favorites:
    Arlong. Nami stabbing herself, Luffy stepping in. That entire scene was awesome.

    Possible quote (Ussop):
    (Big battle going on, there's someone Ussop is protecting against a very tough guy. He uses a 'secret technique' that supposed takes his life when he uses it. He dies, the enemy lives, the crew are all 'Nooo' and the battle continues on. When all seems hopeless, up stands Ussop from a pile of rubble, preparing the badass attack again.)

    Bad Guy: 'But...You died...The attack...'

    Ussop: '*pant* *pant*....I lied.'

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    slap me hard and call me emo, but I really like the scene where "sogeking" shots the world government flag etc, and robin says she wanna live.

    and ofc franky when he finally gets his cola vs the "chapapa" guy. love franky's theme <3

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    yeah luffy pwning bellamy scene was sooooooooooooooo freakin badass ^^
    most touching moment = dr hiluluk dying scene, i still remember how much i cried when i read that part... :P

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    Badass line - Luffy: You asked me if I knew how to punch.
    Badass scene - The entrance of Ussop to the battlefield when he is going to fight Luffy.

    *slaps randomelf*............well he asked for it.

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    Luffy vs Blueno

    Luffy: If I stay the way I'm now it wont be any good...
    after I was defeated by Aokiji I start thinking about it...
    if there any more strong guys like him in the ocean ahead of us then I have to be stronger...
    because otherwise I wont be able to protect my nakama...!!
    ... I have nakama that who are not strong...
    But I still want to be with me...!!
    So I have to be stronger than anybody else...
    or I will lose them all!!!

    Best Line ever.
    创创 抖$$$$$$抖洞创抖抖抖抖
    创 抖$$$$$$$$$$$抖洞创创创创
    创 抖$$$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖洞
    创创 抖$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖抖洞
    创创创创炊抖抖洞创创炊抖抖创DONT click this

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    Enru: True terror comes from God and God alone(after restarting his own heart).
    I also liked the one hit k.o. And when Luffy grabbed Arlongs big katana so stron that it crumbled.
    Fight or die!!!!!!

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    In the Anime the most badass scene is when they kill Bellemere and it goes B&W and slowmo.

    In the Manga the most BA scene is when Zoro beats Mr. 1!

    other notables are when Luffy holds up the cherry blossom flag. The Nami stabbing herself, the 6 crew members standing on the bridge in Enies Lobby and the same 6 holding up the X on their arms in Alabaston. uhhh, I could think of a lot of others but those stick out!

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    I just loved the scene with Luffy hitting Arlong and saying :
    Don't you dare make my navigator cry !

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    How about Ruffy picking a fight with the whale at the entrance of the Grandline saying "We don't know who is stronger, so we'll have to fight again."

    And than draws the crappy SH symbol on his head so he wouldn't hurt himself anymore.

    A great Ruffy scene where he shows us how smart he can be.
    "For Feanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind, in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and subtlety alike, of all the Children of Illuvatar, and a bright flame was in him"

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    When Luffy gave Nami his hat before heading off to beat the snot out of Arlong was just a touching moment with the badass one being their lineup as they get ready to leave.


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