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    If shautieh OK's this, we can definitely change the topic of this thread to a more relevant one.....

    The instrument of the musician should be harp bcoz my instinct tells me the next crew will be a mermaid....a mermaid plays harp, right??? <honestly, i dont know....>:X

    then, after that, smoker will join the strawhats, but tashigi will not (must be something to do with smoker ordering her to stay in the marine) thus the nakama will be 10 and complete.....

    About the bounties, are WAYYYY behind.... ..but I am not going to spoil your day with spoilers.......**beware, you can find spoilers in this section.....**
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfAshamed View Post
    before I say this I'm just going to note that I think that this thread should be changed from the "who are the straw hat parents?" to "Wild but awesome speculations about pirates!"

    I think the Straw Hats need an OLD GUY! Preferably one that is kinda perverted but always has the answers. He will spend most of his time on the boat sleeping and only come out when necessary. At one point he get caught on fire and sleep through it and the straw hats will laugh when he wakes up on fire. He should not have a DF power, instead he should be like a Tai Chi master, or something like that where it is peaceful but suddenly if necessary his can kill anyone. He should also have those huge Bhudda Ball Necklasses.

    Also, what instrument do you guys think the Musician will play? I'm still seriously betting on the trumpet. I also think that it will be a DF trumpet. Possibly the infamous Gun Gun fruit. Or maybe the Wind Wind fruit so he can create different storms or wind blades or some shit like that by playing different songs. He should have a WICKED sweet Top Hat. He should essentially be SLASH only trumpet instead of guitar!

    As for Luffy, what do you think his bounty will be after the Enies Lobby Shiznat? 150, 200, 250, 500, more? I think 500 million, I also think that Sanji, Chopper, Franky and Nami will all get bounties but not Ussop because he was Sogeking so they don't know who Ussop is.
    I don't think the Straw Hats should get an old member. One Piece is about the New Age of Dreams, the journey of the new generation. Granted, there are those who have passed the age limit of what you'd call young, but for the most part, the members of the Straw Hats are either young or don't look old. XD

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    @pilgrim : no problem with me

    but for the mermaid, i hope she will be younger than the old mermaid we know
    i'd like a pianist though ^^"

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    The reason that I don't think it'll be a big instrument is because I think it'll be a weapon. Otherwise it wouldn't be as prominent. Think of it this way, how often does Sanji ACTUALLY make food, and food is a necessity! I still think trumpet but I think that guitar, flute or drums could all work. Drums only because Drums could theoretically be it's own fighting style with some VICIOUS sticks. That would also be a good way to pull them together with other characters if Luffy asks for a concert and he/she wakes everyone up and they all get mad at him/her! Also, I think the musician will be female. A mermaid would be AWESOME.


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