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    scanslations are available up to 434, and they ahve the raw for 435 over at mangahelpers

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    wow is this for real?300 luffy is really getting there..
    sanji finally got a bountie huh?

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    Poor sanji! heh He finally gets a wanted poster and it looks like a sketch sent in by a nine year old fan. lol

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    The other bounty pictures looked great im glad there is still some comedy about Sanji and bounties, in fairness in terms of drawings ive seen worse

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    ??? (london i think...but that hurricane begs to differ)


    Its kinda what I expected mostly...
    Usopp to have a bounty under sogeking's name...

    Nami 16m...i'd say 20m, but i expected her to be lowest.

    Franky, bit higher too, i mean - helped out and son (well related to) of the man who designed Gol D Roger's ship [and now part of the crew that BEAT a buster call, kicked CP9's a55...]

    Sanji, havent seen new name yet, i can't read japanese nor seen a scanlation, BUT nice total, and Zorro higher ^^...he won't be that happy xD

    Robin, i'd say about right...2 buster calls survived

    Zorro, monster ^^ deserves 120m

    and massive bounty, and he deserves it.
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    well here's my two cents on the new bounties.

    luffy-way high i was shocked to see his bounty so high.he's now officialy one of the strongest pirates.he can qualify to be one of the seven lords of the sea luffy is all grown up now.

    Zoro-his bounty doubled not bad but i thought he would have about 130-150m imo he deserves that bounty for using that kick ass sword thecnique with six hands.

    Robin-only increased by 1m i say it's about right she didn't do anything except escape another buster call probaly should have went up to 85m

    Sanji-very cool i like sanji but i think his should be higher.he defeated one of the strongest cp9 members but it's about he gets some shine.oh his bounty picture is halirious he's gonna be pissed

    Chopper-i think his bounty is fine.yea he turned into that big monster and all but he defeated that guy with the hair his power was only measured to 810 wasn't that strong.and besides franky took him out after he just fought with a cp9 user.his bounty is fine.

    Franky-now i think franky's bounty should be higher.he defeated a cp9 user and took out chopper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nd321 View Post
    so luffy is 300 mil
    zoro 120 mil
    robin 80 mil (1 mil increase)
    sanji 77 mil
    sogeking 30 mil
    nami 16 mil
    franky 47 mil
    chopper 50 berries (LAWL)

    What do you guys think?
    ill believe it when i see it. too many people have posted thier guesses for the bounty for you to pop up with a spoiler tag and me believe you. tell me when the chapter comes out.

    edit... wow it really is true... im sorely dissapointed... T_T

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    you are disappointed for who ?

    i would have given more to sanji, and maybe a little more to sogeking, but the rest is good :3

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    The bounty for Franky is wrong. According to this picture right here it's really; let's see 44 million.

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    Their bounties are just right...
    Evn for Chopper that got 50 beri hee.hee... its being a mugiwara crew...
    Sogeking too, for shooting that WG flag...

    U mst be sorry but not disappointed hee.hee.heee....
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