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    Default One Piece PC Freeware Game!?!

    I posted this in one section of these forums already, I hope the managers dont mind....

    Well, a team called Dragon Guard {website: } has the technology to make computer games!

    They decided after making their first game that they would later make a One Piece Game! Here is something that their manager BaroqueWorker2 released:

    Here is Dragon Guards first game!!! BaroqueWorker2 spend over 50 hours on it! Zephray spent 1-2! Its based on a manga that you can read here:

    That manga's mangaka is Zephray! Thats right, I made a game based on Zephray's manga! Here is the link to where you can download the game!::

    BAD LINK {Scroll down for good one}

    After that go here for directions on how to install it: The game is for your PC and is rated teen for violence and limited language. {@$$ and heIl} This is the first game out of several in the Mazosi Gems Series! Enjoy playing everyone!


    Screens of THAT game are on that site, if you want to know how the One Piece Game will look... It has basicly the same formatt as the old pokemon games, chibi guy walking around fighting people with storyline behind it all.

    I'm telling you this because I am BaroqueWorker2.

    Here is a really cool pic of the Mazosi Gems Game that they just released.

    We also plan on making games for:

    Death Note

    Black Cat

    One Piece

    Rave Master

    Possibly Naruto and Tsubasa!

    The games will be really cool.

    If anyone would like to help me just say so.

    I LOVE those manga listed so I will try to make them as good as I can.

    Here is a news announcement that I, BaroqueWorker2, released somewhere else.


    Sorry everyone, I kept releaseing this game, thinking that I had killed all the bugs and errors. I fully checked this one. Its bug freeeee!

    For your convinence, we have made a way to keep your saved progress when switching to this new, good version:

    ALl you have to do is unzip the file that you just downloaded {in the link above} and copy and paste the file named save1 from the old, bad version to this new, good version! Then you can pick up where you left off!

    Its a great game, and worth the trouble! Enjoy!
    Manager of Dragon Guard Scanlations

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    thanks... but you already started a thread a little while ago, with nearly the same info. you could have posted in there instead of starting a new thread.

    kickass-badass-ownz all




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