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    most touching moment? chopper's past obviously, i always cried when i read those parts TT_TT

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    Smile Touching Moment

    Hello this is my firs post, i hope it's not bad
    I think there are some touching moment, but i think the best of it is while Usop leave and fight for Going Merry.. this part is too toucing that i can't hold my tears..hiks2

    The Scene:
    (After defeating Usop one on one) They Nostalgic about the past
    Luffy : Heavy(Crying & pull down his straw hat)
    Zoro : That's what Captain is, Don't hesitate. If you Can't be Decisive, Who can we believe in. Let's clear this ship, We can't return to this ship EVER AGAIN (Talking with the cool charmed face while the others crew crying except Sanji).

    Two thumbs up for Eichiro Oda Sensei that come up with this stories.

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    Most touching... hmm... >_>
    -At the end of the Alabasta arc when the Straw Hat crew showed their mark of friendship to Vivi.
    -When Franky stood in front of the sea train.
    -When all of the Straw Hat crew appeared at the top of the tower in Enies Lobby in order to rescue Robin.

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    hm...let's see there's quite a few for me.

    1.during the buggy arc when nami trys to stop the mayor from fighting and he has tears in his eyes.

    2. captain usopps arc when he can't move anymore and he yells how he will become a great warrior and the enemies of the straw hats laugh but luffy quickly puts an end to it by throwing a rather large rock at them then threatning there lives for laughing at usopp.

    3. nami asking luffy for help during the merman arc.

    4. chopper arc when the fake doctor dies.

    5. alabasta arc galu quacks at bb(or vivi?) to keep going.(after being injured and shot galu! >.>)

    6. alabasta arc when the mole wench tells usopp luffy is dead but he doesn't believe her he then tells chopper not to listen to this mole bitch and that luffy is ok while taking a rather bad beating(but wins in the end. go usopp and chopper =P)

    7. going merry arc usopp is beaten by franky's men and he's crying to nami about how he's weak and that he's sorry about the money but she tells him not to worry about the money.

    8. going merry arc luffy and the rest of the male straw hats finds usopp beaten worse after trying to reclaim the money back from the frankys which prompts them to go send those franky's flying with a kick. =P

    9. going merry arc luffy vs usopp.(usopp fought good for someone in his condition)

    10. cypher pol arc robins past.

    11. cypher pol arc straw hats rise to fight for robins sake.


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