Rules & Guidelines for the Section

  • All Global Rules apply. Note that I would prefer you send any complaints, questions, or concerns to me via PM (not coolpuprocks, kaze, or Jyuu), and also note that I am somewhat lax on cursing.

  • The maximum signature size is 650 X 200 pixels, or 1 MB.

  • Respect each other:

  • A) Don't flame people. Be polite and informative if they've made a mistake, or just don't reply at all. For in-thread arguments that begin to lose their relevance to Naruto and become personal, take it to PM. Large-scale or offensive flames will not be tolerated.

  • B) No racist or other offensive comments. If your opinion is offending other people, you're better off keeping it to yourself.

  • Do not reply if a topic has been discussed before or shouldn't belong in this section, beyond possibly politely telling the person it already exists. Leave it alone for me to lock later. Exception: Mockery is sometimes allowed in these topics, as long as it's not too offensive.

  • Do not double post. If you find you're having this problem a lot, try to refrain from using Quick Reply and use the Edit button to help prevent it.

  • Simple questions that require no discussion should be posted here. (Heck, the search tutorial is there, too.)

  • Posting chapter links: Please post all links to the latest chapter in the Latest Manga Chapter Discussion thread, which should be stickied. Don't make a new thread unless there is no thread already discussing the chapter.

  • Before posting a new thread, SEARCH, unless you're sure it hasn't been discussed before.

  • No versus threads allowed.

  • We have all the latest releases from Japan. If your Japanese friend tells you some spoilers they got from the "latest volume," they are lying and hope you'll make a fool of yourself, so don't do it.

  • When posting theories provide a sufficient amount of valid and clear evidence, and clearly label them as a "prediction" or a "theory," not a "spoiler."

  • Reporting Posts: If a post should be reported, please send me a Private Message with a link to the post, a link to the thread, and the reason why you are reporting it. If you use the "Report Thread" function it goes to my e-mail inbox, and it will take a longer amount of time for me to respond.

  • You are not a moderator. Telling a moderator how to do their job is usually the fastest way to get hit with the banstick. Also, members who consistenly "act" as moderators may be warned. You're welcome to send me a PM if something needs to be dealt with, or if you have any questions about the moderation. These should not be posted on the forum.

Topic Links

In the interests of keeping the top of the section from becoming too crowded, previously stickied threads and reocurring topics will be linked to from here.

*NOTE: Some question was raised about the validity of the information surrounding the tailed beasts. Discussion of this, as well as the other posts in that thread, can go here. New information can be posted directly in the main thread. If you have a post in that thread already that needs editing, feel free to PM me about it.

Happy posting!

*Rule Revision 02/04/07: Reworded a couple and switched the order. No major changes. (Because yes, I care about that kind of thing.)
*Repost 09/05/07: Apparently, the default expiration on these is a month. Who knew. Sorry it vanished for a few days before I noticed, everyone.
*Updated 21/07/07: Character Stats (Chuunin Exam) added.
*Updated 08/08/07: Posting flash added.
*Updated 13/04/08: Signature size rule updated to include 1 MB limit.