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Thread: Naruto 662 discussion/ 663 predictions

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    ^ Was assuming that was some kind of coincidence. I don't think Kishi does real world references very often, yet he decides on this one?

    Maybe he just likes the mechs and exoskeletons.

    Anyways, this chapter explained why everyone was afk when Naruto was getting killed (let's face it, that's what Madara was doing). Oh, and Sasuke too.

    Pretty surprised that black zetsu is so crazy stronk, though I'm guessing that Tobi's corpse and some assistance from Madara are big parts of it, having five elements you can use at the same time is pretty OP.

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    Well, this was a pretty good chapter, all things considered. The 3rd gets a chance to be really awesome (he'd been irritatingly overshadowed for a guy who was once called "the God of Shinobi"). Orochimaru apparently has a cunning plan. Hinata reacts to Naruto's condition, reminding us that she promised Neji that she'd protect him. Hell, Madara being such a nauseating villain sue has even manage to achieve what I once considered impossible- it's made me actually root for Sasuke again (up until this point Sasuke still meant less than nothing to me).

    It's starting to look more and more like the prediction I made a long time ago might be coming true: that Naruto will die after having the Kyuubi removed from him, forcing Sakura to save him in the way that only she knows how- with the Kisho Tensei "One's Own Life Reincarnation" technique that Chiyo used to save Gaara under exactly the same circumstances. The fact that Gaara is currently the one carrying them both along adds extra plausability to this.

    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    Anybody caught Kishi's Elysium reference?? That guy has shitty taste i must say.
    Wash your mouth out. I thought that was awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellfire86 View Post
    Well Sasuke has Karin and Oro. We all know Oro knows how to survive.
    If that is Yamato. How did they use all 5 elements and at once?
    Mokuton is only earth and water.
    Lastly how are those chakra cloaks still active with Kurama gone And Naruto near deadth?
    Unless Minato somehow took over.
    well that would be true.. but karin and oro were on the other side of the hill(mountain?)

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    True but Oro knows how to get around quickly as well.


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