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I said he is learning from his enemies. That is why he won't kill them. he is trying to bring peace. But his attempts at peace will truly destroy the shinobi world. He is changing the world. And with that change. Things will never be the same and the practice of chakra will fall with the coming generations. If anything. Naruto may bring peace in his generation. But he is only ending the era Horogomo started and the fighting will restart one day anew. My problem with the bijuu being wild if docile is that just being around will cause untold destruction. As it was said early on. Just the wagging of Kurama's tails would crumble mountains and cause tsunamis.
Pain had it right. No matter what. War will always start again so long as humanity exists.
Ah okay, then I must have misunderstood you. But we don't know how his solution might look and how the world will change then. And of course war can't be totally eradicated, but at least the brutal shinobi system might get changed radically, so at least kids don't have to kill each other anymore.

As for the Bijuus, I agree with krazy.