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Thread: Naruto 631

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    i hope naruto is just joking with his answer when he was asked by his father about sakura. i still want it naruto-hinata.

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    Somehow I knew that despite all the crazy stuff that just happened in this chapter the first comment would be about that.

    So I guess that answers what happened to the rest of the kyuubi's chakra, minato got it.

    And I love how Madara totally just got ignored my everyone ahahahaha

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    Minato did plan everything out for Naruto didn't he. He really expected Naruto how to use the kyuubi chakra as he did.

    I wonder how this is gonna pan out. There'll be another match in the war and that'll involve Madara-Hashirama.

    Then a Hokage tournament-like thing between Naruto and Sasuke.

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    I just love how Hinata reacts to Sasuke's arrival. She's just like eh? I could really care less.

    Also really glad they addressed the rest of of Kurama's chakra. Even if it is a bit off that he can just enter chakra mode but whatever.
    Makes sense i suppose. Seeing as it is a mass of chakra without a mind or soul.

    And what is Sakura saying now? Her true power? You mean she has a way to get stronger and not be useless?
    I can't see her using Tsunade's regeneration Jutsu so I am curious though not expecting much.
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    Ugh. Sorry to say, but that was groan-inducingly bad.

    The casual flow of it all was With his new found resolve, it was a given that the army would have to reconcile with Sasuke, somehow. What I thought would happen and what ended up happening are more or less the same. However, just like Sasuke's return to the light, this just feels a lot more forced that it should be. As in, I feel that the character development was a cop-out no matter which way you look at it, but if you spruce it up with enough class, it could've been pleasantly palatable.

    Also, while it was a nice gesture to see the issue of the Kyuubi's second half rectified, I don't like what was done with it, either. The Fourth is badass enough, and this was a good opportunity to flesh out his unique ninjutsu even further. At the most, I expected a sage-mode, but a nine-tails chakra mode? Overkill.

    For a long-awaited reunion, I thought it was rather underwhelming. It honestly felt like the script for the seventh Shippuuden movie: lots of REALLY cool moments that look good on paper, but leave much to be desired.
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    Haters of Kishi's writing, know that you are always going to hate no matter what is written. Yet you will also continue to come back and read the chapters even though you are "fill in how you feel here." My truth is that this was a great chapter. Got a little teary eyed seeing the old crew back together again. Hard to believe it's been over 10 years since this manga took off. Purist want explanations of everything when they read this manga, but as far as I'm concerned he hit it out of the park on this one. Can't wait til next week.

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    I agree with Sam as well. Minato's Kyuubi mode cheapens his part in this war for me now. I was looking forward to seeing more of the quick thinking, versatile Minato who beat Obito back in the day, as well as whipping out a new trick or 2 to adjust to such a larger than life opponent this time around. Now that he can use Kyuubi mode its going to make the father son tag team moments way more cheesy than they have to be. The Kyuubi cloak, in my opinion, was intended to not only show Naruto's full dominion over the Kyuubi within him but also to represent the physical embodiment of Naruto's way of surpassing his father, especially in terms of speed. In the Kyuubi cloak Naruto had lived up to the name, and even surpassed, the "Yellow Flash". HE needs it, NOT Minato. As a matter of fact how is it that Minato has control over the chakra in the first place? Isnt it that the Shinigami took half of the Kyuubi's chakra in exchange for Minato's life? Its not as if Minato sealed half of the chakra in himself THEN had his soul taken... I know Minato is the Ninja coding Bill Gates and all but either way I dont like the implications that come with him being able to use Kyuubi chakra at all.

    Glad sasuke is back with the group in addition to his attitude seeming less emo and distant... still monotonically cold but warmer never the less. I lol at the 1st's comment about how they should be focused on the task at hand rather than debating about Hokage titles etc. He had a point! Now is not the time for them to be hating on sasuke, there's time for that later, if they survive!

    All in all decent reunion chapter. Now that sasuke is on the road to redemption all thats left to ask now is "how long again to the end Kish?"

    P.S. Props to Madara! He's like a little kid when it comes to Hashirama. BFFs!!
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    Talking about the Shippuden movie, I really have to watch the latest one Kinky Hinata FTW!!!

    As for the chapter, I liked it, but Sam has a point, at least where Minato is concerned - didn't he just halve the chakra when he sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto? Means that this is the first time where he used this jutsu, since he died immediately afterwards (or am I missing something?). Just doesn't feel right...(but then again, Naruto'll combine the Sage Mode and the Kyuubi Mode, so he'll have something unique after all).

    As for Sasuke...I really thought Naruto would think about ceding his position to him in order to reconcile the village (well, I guess you can only say that if there still were Uchihas around But I guess Karin will help Sasuke with that. And Sakura and Ino too xD) and to right past wrongdoings. But I love how he remembered what Itachi told him and that he's holding on to his dream.

    Sakura being put in a line with those two is just...mind boggling. I just hope she hasn't miraculousy become Tsunade v2 just because Kishi wants them to reflect the Sannin -.-"
    Where's Oro btw?

    How come I got ninja'd by so many guys? Ah well


    ahem....yeah. Hope that wasn't supposed to be taken too seriously. NaruHina FTW!!
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    Minato went to the afterlife Kurama chakra went to the afterlife, I mean didn't Orochimaru get his arms back from the same place.


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