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Thread: Naruto Chapter 616 Discussion / Chap 617 predictions

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    Default Naruto Chapter 616 Discussion / Chap 617 predictions

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    now with lots of mini kyubis

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    Is that foreshadowing of Hinata and Naruto making little kyuubi babies?
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    At first when I saw those first couple of pages and thought that the story was going back to Sasuke I was upset. But now that I think about it, what could this whole huge secret possibly be, I mean it seems like Madara and Obito pretty much told everybody everything already. So now I kind of want the story to go back to Sasuke out of pure curiosity

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    The question is: How will Sasuke and the Hebi team align in the battle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Ickam View Post
    The question is: How will Sasuke and the Hebi team align in the battle?
    Team Hebi? You think those guys can be useful in the final fight? I'd be surprised. I just want to know what Oro wants to show him and get this over with. The end is nigh, I hope.

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    Psyched us out with the diversion to Sasuke there. I AM actually interested in what's going on there (albeit only because Orochimaru is still the only decent villain in this manga) but I'd rather see the current fight wrapped up first. Quickly for preference.

    Have to admit that after last chapter's cliffhanger this was disappointing. Really? Naruto just hands out Kyuubi chakra like candy so everyone can just do the exact same things they've always done, only superpowered? That was anticlimactic.

    It's made worse by the fact that, as I've stated before, we KNOW this is all utterly pointless. We KNOW they're going to fail. The law of You Can't Thwart Stage One demands it. Infinite Tsukiyomi will be completed despite everyone's best efforts and it'll be up to Sasuke to free Naruto from it so he can save the world as his big redemptive effort (or something). I wish we'd just get on with it. If anything, I'm looking forward to the infinite illusion world where Naruto's parents are still alive and he's going out with Hinata.
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    I dont even know wtf that was all about, all I can say is f**k this noise. If this "Ninja War" could be described as a ship sailing on an precarious icy ocean, we are well past the stage of warning the captain about the impending doom of an iceberg we are about to collide with, Titanic style.... as a matter of fact the ship even jumped a shark BEFORE it ramped full on into that motherf**ker.

    Honorable mention, however, goes to Kishi for coming up with a pretty decent way to make his fodder a little more durable. Just have all those bitches go beast mode.

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