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Thread: Naruto Chp 604 Discussion/605 Predictions

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    Thumbs up Naruto Chp 604 Discussion/605 Predictions

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    Holy Crap! did anyone see that one coming?

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    I think Rin and Kakashi were used as a test for the new (at that time) Kirigakure curriculum. The curriculum that gave them the Bloody Mist name. I can't wait for next week.

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    so Kakashi killed Rin... or grab her boobs the wrong way
    cool, since he get along with that very well
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    That....explains a bit. Maybe it was a combination of water prison and waterclone jutsus. Water prison to hold Rin and water clone to make her look like a rain nin.
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    wow... didn't see that one coming..

    the only hint we got is "something about experimental bodies from the hidden mist..."

    so this current rin is ... what?

    something to think about.... or maybe not.
    obito is fused with zetsu.
    zetsu has telepathic ability
    zetsus main tree is fused with madara
    zetsus can make a near perfect clone
    zetsus are spread everywere
    kakashi's mask is still cut under his eye
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    Hoho! Interesting. It may very well be Kakashi's doing that triggers the Mangekyuo. Would've bet 9:1 that it would've been Obito's doing.
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    Looking back over the battle for Kyubi. I know this is supposed to be Obito. His techniques obviously. But the words he is using.
    The style. It just does not seem like him. Not to mention wearing that mask. He clearly has his mask now from the Zetsu. I don't know if Madara was able to make himself younger and took Obito's eye. Or somehow was able to impart his mind through Obito. A longshot to be sure. I just have serious doubts that it was Obito that released Kurama or killed the Uchiha with Itachi.

    And just another random thought. How in the hell has Obito's eye not gone blind yet. For as often as he uses his MS. He clearly does not have EMS and has been using it for the past 16 years atleast.
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    After seeing that last scene the one thing I thought was that writing kakashi to be the one who stabs Rin is a bit unnecessary.. I think it's kishi's way of explaining Obito's hatred in a shocking way [surprise factor to keep the reader engaged], but I think its a bit extreme and doesn't feel right. There's no hint of any thing after this event that would support such an event happening. Like kakashi doesn't look in any way effected during the kyubi attack, he's not over protective of sakura, he still uses raikiri at every opportunity, etc. Something like this happening would definitely have some effect..

    Anyway, I'll go with it.
    I doubt the vision thing has to do with zetsu, as zetsu has no connection to kakashi. Even though obito blames zetsu for showing him strange things, I'm guessing that obito clutches his other eye to suggest it might be some transitory connection to his real eye.

    I predict that kakashi is crying (unlikely to just be rain). The sharingan is supposed to see through clones isn't it? except for kage bunshin which is meant to be undetectable.. (i think that's how it works). So kakashi shouldn't have fallen for a water trick to make him stab his ally. I think it must be someone controlling his body.. Some puppet style jutsu maybe. Also since Madara wanted this to happen (he pretty much predicts it before obtio sets off), it leads me to believe he was involved in whatever is controlling kakashi.
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    Honestly I'm just posting again to let you all know that I called Tobi being Obito



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