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Thread: Naruto Chp 599 Discussion/600 Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_hana View Post
    hahaha, I haven't posted in a while -or read naruto in a while for that matter- but i accidentally found out about the big reveal and just wanted to check people's impressions on ST.
    so hey, does anyone remember all those hundreds of pages about why tobi couldn't be obito? pages filled, it seems like yesterday. but i think everyone's guts told them it was going to happen.
    You here?

    The wonders the man named Obito can do, huh?! xD

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    I also came back just to see everyone's reactions, but I have a few theories to throw in too.

    The reason for his long hair can be just to help him deceive Itachi a little better back then, or possibly even to be the defining hint that led Itachi to confront Obito and ask for his help. There's also the possibility that Obito IS Madara, or has part of Madara inside of him just as Madara, Danzo, and possibly Zetsu have had part of Hashirama inside of them. But if that isn't true, how Obito has been able to pass off as Madara is fucking obvious. Half his body is made with whatever Zetsu is made of, and since Zetsu is capable of shifting form, and since Madara and Obito have obviously met before, Obito has been putting on his Madara face whenever he takes off his mask. I'm not sure if he's ever revealed it completely, but if he has revealed his entire face, half would be Madara and half would be Obito, and he can just claim that after his battle with the 1st Hokage, he took a little boy's body for his own.

    I'm largely leaning towards the possibility that that's truly Obito there, with maybe some enhancements or life-sustaining powers from Madara and possibly Orochimaru.
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    Tobi seems to have failed with his moon eye plot...because clearly everyone's going ape shit right now rather than living in peace. Even the old ones have come forth from the void to share their thoughts over this masked-man matter.

    I can't stomach this yet until some explanation is given to the Tobi of Yondaime and Tobi of Itachi. I'll never stomach this even after this manga ends if there is no explanation.

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    ^Wouldn't take that for much, since the moon-eye plan was probably a diversion.

    Good god, Tobito seemed so obvious I just had to rule it out as a red herring.

    The big question for me now is how exactly Madara died, because I think it will inform why (he probably) saved Obito. Only Madara or Orochimaru would have had the sense and resources to recover Obito using Shodai's cells, and it seems based on the recent battles that Madara had integrated the bloodlines much more fluently than Tobi and could easily trash Tobi. Hell, he even had the foresight to create a counter to the edo tensei in anticipation of his resurrection.

    On whether Tobi=Obito, though we can't cut out the possibility of Obito's body being Yahiko'd yet, Tobi=Obito would explain a lot of Tobi's & Akatsuki's behavior in the buildup to Itachi's death if we consider Madara apprenticing Obito for a while in secret and then being replaced by him.

    Things are getting so good now with Oro and Madara in the mix.
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    Obligatory post just to say how obvious it was that Tobi was Obito from the start. I can't believe we used to argue so much over this crap, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDogMike View Post
    Obligatory post just to say how obvious it was that Tobi was Obito from the start. I can't believe we used to argue so much over this crap, lol.
    We used to flame the shit out of people.

    @everyone, Welcome back peeps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henchy432 View Post
    We used to flame the shit out of people.
    Well you guys did... i never had any friggin clue who Tobi was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    Seeing most of the oldies posting here for, this special occasion, was more welcomed of a development than Obito's reveal. I hope you guys are doing well!
    Thanks, old bean. I know I'm doing well. It's hard not to smile after I saw all the butthurt from the Tobi reveal.

    EDIT: let's see how people react when the new chapter is released later today or tomorrow.
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    Well i just returned from being hit directly by hurricane Issac. A week without power and most without water was not fun.
    But the return of so many for this ocassion puts a smile on my face. The Obito reveal is what it is.
    I will just for the hell of it. Go for a shot at some plot holes. Incase someone wants to bitch about it.
    Kakashi became a chunin at age 6. If he is 6 here... Also Obito did at age 11.

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    Really had to come back to see how the reactions were.

    Some people called it years ago, some people were flamed for saying it couldn't be that obvious.

    As of now? I am just kinda ticked off Kishi could get creative in and change it up in the past few years. If you can see the twist years in advance, its not really a twist. -shrugs- Just gotta live with it.

    Though, I do have ten bucks saying he was driven by his hate for Kakashi.


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