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Thread: Naruto Chp 599 Discussion/600 Predictions

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    ah.... finally.... isn't plot-no-jutsu the best...
    at least now there's a small light of hope to see what happen to rin.
    ps: why on earth naruto has a surprised face... he doesn't even know the dude?

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    Kind of a side note, Obito's dimensional powers still don't make sense to me though, if it's part of his mangekyo's ability then how come we haven't seen his sharingan in mangekyo form until now, none of the other uchihas that we've seen have been able to use their mangekyo's special powers without it being activated. And if he's been spamming that power for the last 15 or so years, shouldn't he be practically blind in that eye bye now?

    And I don't think Kakashi got his eye upgrades through Obito, because if that was true, he would have had Kamui a long time ago too, not just after the time skip.

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    OMG! I havent posted on Stoptazmo for a long time but I just HAD to come back to say, "REALLY?" The whiney fan-bois really actually predicted the identity of Tobi? ......grgrgrrrgrrrrrrrrrrrrr <----(noise of frustration)

    ...I hope this manga ends soon.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwrestler141 View Post
    And.........the twist that surprised no one
    But the rage, the rage it has conjured...mmmm, delicious (canīt wait to see the Naruto section on NF xDD). Seems the rage was sooo great that NF went down Canīt access it. lol!

    Liked this chapter, almost no dialogue at all, was still pretty telling! (poor Obito, thought he had a date with Rin...ouch xD).

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    Considering he took a Rasengan to his face, Obito seems pretty unimpressed.

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    Hahaha wow people are still saying they called hit.

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    To be fair BF, I have been calling it for a while now.

    Also, my theory is that hey used his warping powers right before the rocks crushed him. He didn't do a good job and scarred his face. He also was only able to warp half of his body out. That's why half of his face looks ok. The part that didn't get crushed.

    He somehow came back later and picked up his other half of the body under the rocks.

    Imagine a half a Obito walking around. grosss

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    Second attempt, tirst time I tried to posted this, help desk guy rebooted my workstation. GRRR.

    Man it is cool seeing all the chibi versions of our favorite nins. LOL
    Ebisu - didn't know you were the same age as Gai and them
    Gai - WTH do you look so mad, you are just standing in line. LMAO
    Kakashi - you and that DAMN mask even back then. LOL
    Genma - looks like a BAD MOFO with the toothpick in his mouth
    Asuma - was putting in SERIOUS work trying to get with Kurena, he looks like a young player spitting crazy game to her. LMAO
    Hayate - looks CRAZY, standing behind Asuma and Kurena he looks like a serial killer

    Good chapter, but for some reason a light bulb just went off in my head. Where are the ninjas that came after Kakashi and before Naruto. I would guesstimate and say Naruto is about 15/16 and Kakashi is about 27/28. Where are the ninjas who would be in there early 20's? I was thinking perhaps the ninja entrance exams are like college and only held every four years. But then I thought that couldn't be true because I remember earlier in the series first few episodes they said Naruto is taking the entrance exam for the umpteenth time. It seems like a generation has gone missing in Naruto, I am wondering what happened after looking at this chapter.

    I am not sure if mods want to leave this in here or create another thread but just something that dawned on me. Where are Naruto's elders and Kakashi's juniors?
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    Obito! Who cares. Just end it already.

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    Naruto is surprised? The guy he just unmasked looks like a young man with half a young face half a cripple face, when everyone thought for a moment in the manga that he was Madara.
    It's Obito's body, that's for sure, but at the beginning of the chapter, we read "That boy used to have a dream". Who says that? Tobi?
    "Orochi like" possession technique is still on the line for me until complete proof he's really Obito


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