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    if oro is still alive and tobi is madara's clone. i guess right now he has captured the head of states and doing something or trick them to do something that need all of the head of states in one place (to open a seal or something) if so then i guess sasuke's going to be the hero in that scene.

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    I would really like Madra and fakr Madra to fight. I think that might be the only way to finish off all this hax. I think I might happen since Madra wants the nine tails and so does the fake Madra.
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    My god! Could it actually be possible that Kishimoto has realised that if he wants to do anything with Sasuke in the story other than killing him off then he needs to make him something more than a whiny, immature, self-centred douchebag?! This could be a revelation!

    Although yeah, I was afraid he really was going to go ahead with this lame-ass "oh I don't REALLY need the 8 and 9 tails, a tiny piece of one and 2 losers who nicked some power from the other will suffice" bullshit. I really had been expecting better from him than such a lame Ass Pull, but it looks like he just doesn't have the guts to even kill off Bee, let alone do anything drastic with Naruto (and here I thought Chiyo being resurrected by Edo Tensei would actually have some kind of meaning...) So yeah, the story still isn't getting any better- but at least it looks like it's finally drawing to a close. Thank fucking god.

    That said, I DID like the implication that Orochimaru is still alive. Even better would be if he's still able to be SIGNIFICANT- I will NOT be happy if he gets brought back just so Sasuke can make him his bitch AGAIN. I always thought Orochimaru was the one and only true villain of this series and I miss him.
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    I can understand Oro being alive. Especially if Sasuke is talking about him being alive inside the cursed seal on Anko. It would make sense. I wouldn't like it if he was still significant as you said though. There doesn't need to be 2 godly shinobi running around.

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    kidistight.... you right brother. It would be absolutely amazing to see fake Madara and un-zombie Madara fight each other... we might actually get to see what the real power of Tobi is. I still can't wait to see who Tobi is... I hate that Kishi is gonna hold that off for a very long time still. I hope the stuff that is about to happen with Tobi is amazing and not shoved aside like all the tailed beast zombies... it was cool to see them in action for all of 2 chapters, but it was lame that they just disappeared like they were no big deal. Needed more of that fight scene and less of "I followed you so I could get some answers, Itachi-nii-san!"... still cool what with the crap Itachi did, that was straight, but I wish there were more chapters with Naruto in nine-tails mode against all tailed beast.... I bet the 10 tails is weak sauce...


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