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Thread: Naruto Chp 589 / Predictions Chp 560

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    What really bugs me about the whole "shodaime and Madara were practically physical gods" thing is that it makes the 2nd and 3rd Hokages (you know, the old guy who was known as the "God of Shinobi" and fought both Orochimaru and invincible versions of both the 1st AND 2nd Hokages simultaneously?) seem really weak. I thought the idea of Naruto was that every generation surpasses the one before it, now we have all this bullshit where all 5 kages combined can't even BEGIN to stand up to a guy who was beaten by the 1st Hokage alone. I mean, Christ on toast, as I already pointed out we've SEEN the First Hokage in the series already- even taking into account that he wouldn't have been fighting at full power due to be controlled by Orochimaru, he couldn't beat an aged Sarutobi even when made invincible by Edo Tensei and teamed up with both Orochimaru and his brother the 2nd. This "1st and Madara are the greatest ninja who ever lived" bullshit just doesn't ring true, not even slightly. But then again, Kishimoto has been shitting all over his established canon with impunity for AGES.

    This is just really, really, really BAD writing, plotting and characterisation, thrown out on a whim to create artificial tension and drama. Kishimoto should be ashamed of himself. The series really has utterly jumped the shark.
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    Well said, Azmadi, I agree. Although I have to say that I spotted this spurious escalation in power early on. If you compare the first few chapters of Naruto where two of the some of the strongest Shinobi - Zabuza and Kakashi had quite modest power levels, and then flash forward a few chapters and everyone and their uncle have hundreds of times more power, making these two seem redundant.

    As for this chapter, while I agree that Madara shouldn't be so powerful, at least the translation has some part to play. I suggest reading this version:
    he's not supposed to be more powerful than a bijuu.
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