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Thread: Naruto Chp 588 Discussion/589 Predictions

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    You know, I would be pretty disappointed if the Kages is winning this battle because of Itachi is canceling this jutsu.
    and people like me is going to more disappointed if this is going to be like bleach.
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    dont' compare naruuto to bleach!

    bleach story line is only enjoyable for kids in elemantary school.

    the fighting in bleach is redundant, monotone, and boring.

    BLEACH is simply turn pale and boring,

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3dKnight View Post
    You know, I would be pretty disappointed if the Kages is winning this battle because of Itachi is canceling this jutsu.
    I believe that the Kages going up against Madara was meant to normalize the flux of power levels in the manga. I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but bear with me!

    Thinking back to the first Konoha invasion, it was a chance for us to see what all the hype around this shinobi rank was about. All the chapters leading up to the decisive battle between Oro and the Third gave us an indication of a Kage's responsibilities and abilities, and finally seeing the fight, itself was thrilling IMHO; the big talk, the live commentary from the elite ANBU members, and the elaborate jutsus. The point is, we had an indication of how powerful each of the respective ranks was, but only verbally. Aside from taking their words at face value, I felt there was too much of a mess of strengths for us to understand what that meant. For instance, what did the rank of jounin mean before the destructive hell that Gaara (arc 1) could unleash?

    For me, seeing the Third take on the gravest threat ("LOL" - Hindsight) at the time helped to put things in perspective. That yes, there could be unbelievably powerful monsters out there, but when you're a top-tier ninja, it's not all about who can punch the hardest; that there's something to be said about battle experience! This was the genius of the writing that went into the first arc!

    I believe Kishi is trying to pull the same maneuver here, but in a more elaborate way. In much the same manner that Naruto and Gaara (the aforementioned 'unbelievably power monsters') were going at it with some over the top stuff, we have Tobi and Naruto literally wrecking landmasses. To balance it out and keep things in perspective, we get Itachi (ironically) reminding us that not all jutsus are nigh unstoppable and the five kages taking on their respective 'equal' from ages past. However, the delivery, though still enjoyable IMHO, falls short of that in arc 1.

    Madara's nigh insurmountable strength is reflected in the helplessness of the combined power of the five kages assembled before him. As a rightfully legendary character in the established canon of the story, his strength should be reflected in the might of the creme of the crop of the current generation. However, I don't feel that the kages are fighting like kages, and that cheapens the experience because it relegates Madara into 'just another cheap Uchiha punk'.

    Similarly, the Uchiha brothers and Kabuto was a case study in the concept of a cruel irony.

    The root of this deficiency, I believe, lies with the constantly shifting perspective and how it wasn't handled as well as it should have. But then again, this is no simple feat, and I digress by saying that I'm still enjoying it all, none-the-less.
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