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    I really don't see him collecting chakra. I really wouldn't like it if it is that either because Akatsuki had to basically extract the chakra for days with all of them working together and we're supposed to believe that Son just gives his essence to Naruto in a split second?

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    Well, giving someone your chakra isn't anything new, and in the case of Akatsuki, they were stealing the chakra out of a jinchuriki's sealed body and sealing it again right after. Besides, one should not underestimate the almighty power of the Ninja Bro Fist Bump.

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    Yes but only because he's giving it willingly plus who's to say he gave him all of it (thats if he gave him chakra).

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    im actually a bit OoO at those fist bump thingy...if 4th raikage and bee doing it..its ok..but not with every tailed beast (4 tails and 9 tails) did the same..make me feels like is that the best signature to show of understanding each other heart??
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    So, are we FINALLY, for the first time since chapter 135, going to witness the fully-unleashed Kyuubi roar again? That wasn't even the real Kyuubi, it was Naruto and Gamabunta doing a combination henge, but the moment when the giant claw burst out of the tranformation smokecloud (in the anime version at least) was STILL enough to send shivers down my spine! And even that was surpassed during chapter 439 when the 8-tailed Kyuubi exploded out of Pain's Chibaku Tensei, even though it wasn't complete. I've been waiting YEARS for this moment!
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    I believe that all of us have been waiting years for this moment... I just think we are going to have to wait a little longer. Something tells me that Naruto won't be transforming into Kurama, for now atleast. I believe that he will definitely get a HUGE power boost, but I think that is the general consensus at the moment. I love this series and all, but somewhere deep down inside me I'm hoping that Kurama scarfs down Naruto and unleashes himself and runs off into the horizon telling everyone that they can't catch him... and then the pokemon theme song busts out 'gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em all!'

    lol, get it... Kurama = 9-tail fox.... Ninetails is a pokemon that is a fox with 9 tails...



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