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546 : My name is nobody.

Naruto finally clash with the front man.
Tobi and Naruto are blow off from the clash, Bee catch Naruto.

Bee : Calm down, Naruto. Moza****a !
Naruto : Damn, it's hard. Not even a crack.

Tobi : You're lucky I didn't slip though this. You didn't even wound me. The power you got by controlling the Kyuubi. This is not all you got, I hope.

Bee/Naruto : !!
Roshi : Yoton - Shaku Karyuu Gan no Jutsu ( Miraculous Stream Rock ).
Lava fall.

Naruto : HOT !
Bee : Yo !!
When they try to dodge.
Yagura : Suiton : Mizugagami no Jutsu ( Reflecting Water ).
Naruto attacks himself in the water mirror, bee too attacks himself in the mirror.
Naruto : The same power !
Bee : Huuh ...
After the attack, the water mirror splits itself and turns into Soap Bubbles.
Bee : !!?

As the bubbles attacks Naruto, the bubbles explodes.
Naruto : Haa !
Utakata : Suiton - Houmatsu no Jutsu ( bubble on surface of liquid )
Bee : Naruto !
Naruto : Nnn ...

When Utakata moves his fingers, all the bubbles explodes at once.
Bee rescue Naruto with one of Hachibi's tentacle.

Hachibi : ( You forgot about me. Go all out and corner him ! )
Tobi : ... huhuhu ...
Naruto : !?

Tobi : Huhu ... You can call me with my old name Tobi, you know. Now that this war started, I have no further use for a name. Tobi, Madara ... use whatever you want.

Naruto : You ... Who the hell are you ?

Tobi : I'm nobody. I don't want to be anybody. All that matters to me is the final completition of the Eye of the moon plan.

Chapter 564: A man with nobody
Naruto and Bee vs. Edo Jinchuuriki
Naruto wasn't even able to lay a scratch/crack on Tobi's skull
Inconclusive till next week

Getting that hit on his head was just for effect. Not one scratch/crack was left on him.
The fight against the other Jinchuuriki begins.
The jinchuuriki each have one eye with Sharingan and one eye with Rinnegan.
The masked Madara's mask is a special kind; a sturdy one for fighting. And though it's hidden at first, the left eye of the masked Madara also has Rinnegan
Madara says: "Tobi, me whatever"
After Madara and Naruto's talk, the issue ends with all the Jinchuuriki unleashing the power of their bijuu.