As the Meteorite falls, Oonoki touchs it, makes it lighter and tries to throw it away ( It seems it doensít work that well )
During his last battle, when Madara fought Hashirama, Madara manage to get one portion of Hashirama.
And it seems like he didnít die at that time.

Madara tries to calls for the Kyuubi, but the Kyuubi refuse and give chakra to Naruto.

Madara seems like he can use Mokuton and create a forest.

Naruto use Tajuu Kage Bunshin + Oodama Rasengan and destroy the whole forest.

Badly wounded, Oonoki decides to risk his life fighting seriously.

oonoki handles the rock
he also handles the other one falling down and gets badly wounded.

tunade prepares to go to the front.

9b inside of Naruto reacts to madara.
not to be gotten by madara, 9b lends chakra to Naruto.

Naruto on kagebunshin makes oodama rasengan.
Great it was simple actually. didn't think Oonoki would save the day
Also madara can talk to the kyubi trought the bunshin ??