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    It shouldn't be much of a theory but a fact no Blue? I mean the resurrected Kages already expressed their disgust at being controlled and even their reluctance to fight in a war against their own people, but they are compelled to act not by their will but Kabuto's, and the apparent mechanism within the seal that makes them act/defend themselves to maintain the seal's integrity. This whole Edo Tensei is weird because even though the Kages (more specifically Mizukage) doesn't want to fight and is being controlled he, in particular, seems to relish the battle too much. The more you think about it the more holes/hacks Kabuto has with the control of Edo. When Orochimaru introduced the ability it was 1 dimensional with a special self added twist;
    1) To resurrect the corpse full with the subject's previous techniques and emotions
    Twist) He had his own seal to turn them into mindless controllable attack Zombies devoid of personality and emotion as well as the regeneration ability.

    So far Kabuto has been able to take it a step further by adding;
    1) The ability for them to maintain their emotions while still be able to be controlled like puppets at the same time.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that even though the Second Mizukage is a pawn why is his emotional state so antagonistic towards people like Gaara and the old man? Even though they were prompt into the actions of a villain, take Gaara's dad, the Rai-man and the Mummy*, they didn't show much apathy towards their opponents and were just attacking and going through the motions for control's sake but the Mizu is a talkative basterd who seems to take his fights more personal than the others to me. He ACTUALLY seems like he is emotionally aware, and totally fine, with the fact that he is going to kill people like Gaara and the pops so much that its almost as if he's in control of his own actions. I guess thats just his personality, even after death and even while being controlled his ego is still strong.

    I digress.

    I liked this chapter more than the last couple because out of all the resurrected Kages' battles I personally prefer the ex Mizukage's over the rest, in terms of enjoyment. Maybe even for the same reason I just mentioned above, about his emotional state being different than those of his resurrected counterpart.

    *Gaara's dad didn't last long and all we saw out of him was just some sparkly twilight sand and a sob story for gaara to cry.
    *The battle with Muu and the old man (from what we saw) was mostly them flying around shooting dust at each other before Naruto came in to One Hit KO his ass.
    *Then of course the ex Rai-man was just a powerhouse on a rampage that needed to slow his own roll and stab himself.

    Out of all the Kage's it took more of a top tier well though out team effort to seal the Mizukage's ass..... or so they though. So far Naruto has been blasting away Kages left and right, physically, but I cant see him using his typical approach to take on the Mizukage the way he is right now: In a form of mist that I can only assume to be extremely volatile. He IS the number 1 surprise ninja and he is somewhere in the general vicinity so chances are he might show up again... but he's already proven himself to be a Kage class shinobi so maybe someone else should join the fray to help them with the Monster Fog machine.

    On a somewhat related side note: Its hard as HELL to write a well though out comment on a forum when you are one work. I have been composing this reply for about 2-3 hours now, smfh.

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    ^ Lol, donīt overexert yourself!

    You are right with your first points, but how is he that antagonistic towards the others? Heīs only smug and wants them to recognize that heīs as strong (or stonger) as Muu!

    He did help the Chuunin, and Kabuto has stated he wanted to stall the Shinobi, so thatīs why he put the Kazekage on automatic without letting him divulge more about himself - ultimately, the others would have figured out his weakness (probably, could have went faster...).
    But in Mizukageīs case, heīs just that strong! Without the proper jutsu (e.g sand sensing), you canīt find the clam even if you know about it =)
    I like him too, heīs a cool mofo

    And hell, Naruto should let Gaara do this alone! Naruto deserved a pause (heīs gotta be fit when heīs fighting Sasuke :P)

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    He should have used Hydro Blast

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    Mizu's cool, but I didn't find his battle all that entertaining. Maybe I just wanted to see more Naruto, or something about Sasuke. Kinda pointless to have a strong ending like that for a chapter if the next chapters have absolutely nothing concerning it, which Kishi likes to do way too much.

    And Mizu didn't like killing Tsuchi, I think. He looked annoyed and had a sweat drop when he thought he shot him through the neck.

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