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    I can imagine them being, not stronger, but deadlier. I know that's hard to grasp since the originals were so deadly but a reserve group that stayed in the shadows would have been bomb.

    Let's just look at this war if Kabuto didn't miraculously show up and save Madara's hide.

    -Madara "declares the fourth great shinobi war"

    -alliances ensue

    - Madara gets met on battlefield with boy wonder Robi-..Sasuke

    -They both get sealed asap in some kind of way. That's the only way I see Madara losing in a battle. He needs to be sealed away.

    @Kwasi- his trump card could be a technique to allow him to escape death (Oro had plenty of those) or that body that he showed which could be Naruto's mother...or.................................Obito

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    lol with the Obito factor... i hope people don't still believe that he's gonna come back somehow... or that Tobi is Obito is Madara crap... I thought all that stuff was funny, but he was pretty much just a plot device to make Kakashi who he is today, Obito will (hopefully) not be returning.

    On another hand, what if somehow he managed to get Madara's brothers DNA for said edo tensei? That could have been the guy in the box that Madara got all serious about before... in my opinion, it is very possible that it was him. I know that theory has been tossed out there like a million times, but just think about it for a second. Who was Madara's first rival..... if your answer was Shodaime, then you need to re-read things. They stated that Madara and his brother were so powerful that their power rivaled each others, of course Madara did end up coming out on top... but his brother was his first rival, probably his most powerful rival. They said that his brother also had the Mangekyo Sharingan, but never said crap about what kind of techniques he gained from it, it is very possible that Madara's brother's techs outweigh Madara's... but having taken said sharingan to gain EMS Madara has gained those abilities as well... but may not be able to use them with the same prestige as his brother did.

    Could the brother be the trump card? Very well could be. Is he? Well... I guess we will all put forth our ideas and Kishi will throw a stick in our spokes and we will see when he reveals it.

    On the other hand, this coming chapter is bound to be botched.... I feel a crappy chapter coming on, I don't know about you guys. We've gotten a lot of cool things happening in the last few chapters, I think it's about time to slow the momentum of awesomeness down, then pick back up later. booh...

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    if orochimaru's cell within kabuto conquering kabuto's body..will orochimaru resurrected? me more interested in orochimaru style than kabuto..orochimaru did get sealed by itachi but his cell seems still alive and traditionally a white snake will get rebirth..
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    He can. Normally I would simply say "Cells can't store your brain," but as we've seen throughout the manga, ninja cells hold a lot more than just your genetic code, and with the right jutsu you can exploit the shit out of it. We've seen Oro get sealed by Itachi's jutsu, and we may or may not have seen him use those snakes to escape, but even if he didn't get away, I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of duplicate Oro spawn begins to take over Kabuto's mind.

    On the other hand, you would expect Kabuto to be prepared for that possibility. If he can somehow improve all of Oro's jutsus, I expect him to have a counter-measure for any revival opportunities Oro may have set up.

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