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    well if we consider that yellow flash high speed jump thingy is naruto doing his own version of his dad's technique, then with his chakra sensing ability he should be able to clear out those white zetsus relatively fast... without using clones
    hopefully the next chapters focus on gaara... i wanna see the sand's dad vs son fight.

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    While training to fight Pain, Naruto could only maintain 2 clones in frog mode...

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    ^^No, it was actually 5(count the number he created in Konoha+the stockpiled ones at Myoubokuzan).

    @kwasi- In terms of immediate action, I agree we probably won't see kage bunshin, but I wouldn't take that as too strict a restriction in the future. The next page has 8-tails saying "normally you'd negotiate with the beast how much your give, but the 9-tails isn't one to sit down and talk".

    The 9-tails has a vested interest in Naruto living since he knows he'd get pwned by Madara if he escapes from Naruto. Plus, though the stakes were lower and Naruto was less of a threat, Naruto and the Kyuubi have had a dialogue of chakra negotiations since the Neji fight and their relations seem to be improving.

    Also, it isn't clear whether what 8-tails said was inclusive of using Kyuubi chakra outside of full beast mode.
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    And to go further with Urameshi, Naruto can spread clones, transform for a few sec' and release immediately his clones to know the location of Zetsu's.

    The fact is Naruto has to leave up his own chakra to Kyubi to use Kyubi's mode.
    From what I understood, if Naruto goes out of his own chakra, it's game over. Splitting chakra into clones hugely increases this loss rate, thus KB's warning.

    But this limit was already known since the beginning of the manga, and is not new so no big deal with it.

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    Right on all accounts Ura. My statement was only to reflect why seeing Naruto use clones in that mode, atm, is highly unlikely. The simple solution to that is just a matter of the Kyuubi not wanting to kill Naruto and finally calming down like the Hachibi did, and with the way Naruto has been serving the Kyuubi both with force and Obama-esque wordplay, it should only be a matter of time during this "war".
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    Couldn't Naruto just join up with Inoichi and Ao?

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    Hasn't anyone figured out that Naruto's going to combine Kyuubi's chakra and natural energy and become a real SENNIN like the Rikudou and Sennin of Legend.

    It's a state of being, ENLIGHTENMENT, IMMORTAL and there's more than one based on the Legends but extremely difficult to achieve that's why it's easy to assume that the Rikudou was the only one.

    See Sennin pages 1.
    Xian for Sennin in Chinese 2.

    Also based on the staff that the Rikudou Sennin is seen carrying, he is a buddhist monk(don't know if a Buddha has appeared in the Naruto World YET) and the number of rings on his staff 6(12 for a Buddha), he is a bodhisattva(bosatsu in Japanese)but not high enough to be a transcendent.

    For Bodhisattva check this page -
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    I'm still open to the possibility of Naruto awakening a Rinnegan.

    Here's what we know you need to awaken the Rinnegan.
    -Direct lineage from the Sage of Six Paths. Naruto is directly descended.
    -Innate skill and power to control. Something which we feel Naruto also has.

    Pain didn't have any family to teach him like the Hyuugas or Uchihas. From what we know the Rinnegan can awaken in anyone directly descended who is also worthy of the power.

    Also after going through a few past chapters I realize that we have to see the kages fight Gaara's team. We're gonna have to see that too, unless they save it for the anime.
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    We don't know anything about the Rinnegan awakening in anyone. Remember that Madara somehow gave Nagato his Rinnegan. Who knows how Madara got the pair in the first place.

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    Ohhhhh if you want to slap all the Sasuke fans in the face Kishi you could have him awaken the rinnegan. MAN they would be FURIOUS, they would storm his home and office...

    And I LIKE it (where is that Facebook button at for that idea) I would love for him to be fighting the 6 Peins when all of a sudden his eyes start bothering him either giving him blurry vision or a burning pain, both of which go away temporarily. Then he suddenly is able to see everything, a la Neo at the end of The Matrix. I do put some stock in the theory of Naruto becoming a sage based off his peace loving nature.
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