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    Default Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 Lost Tower
    Enoy it for what it is. Minato atleast.
    And ofcorse. The LEGENDARY SUPER RASENGAN!!!!!

    Minato and Naruto are very much alike indeed.

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    Letīs see if Iīve got the time to watch this... =D

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    Another embarassing Naruto movie, following the same premise as all the previous ones (I suppose the 3rd one is a little different though, luckily).

    Naruto separates from group.
    Naruto finds girl to protect, but the girl is an unwilling douchebag.
    Naruto saves girl enough times to have her come around and like him.
    Rasengan saves the day.
    The end.

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    ^ Pretty much took the words right out of my mouth, word for agpnizing words.

    The best way to watch this movie is skim through it, I literally only actually watched less than 8-10mins of this entire spit. If it was not for seeing the 4th, Young Kakashi, that Aburame and Amuchi* (Chouji's clan) members in action this movie would've failed more than it already did. These movies are so generic you might as well watch them with the same amount of attentiveness and respect you would give a fresh receipt.

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    how does erasing the memories of someone from the future, whom are going back to their original time, protect the history/timeline?? i can understand if someone in the past done it to them self... erasing any memory that were brought back from the future, to protect the timeline

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    It doesn't, they just did it so that it still makes sense that Naruto's surprised when he truly first meets his father during the Pain battle.

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    I didn't see this one before... it's appaling how bad it is!
    Lousy story, stupid and stereotyped characters. Just awful!

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    Rasegan beats the bad guy

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    Naruto movies were always on the cheesy side, but I never really complained because for the most part, thatís what Iíve come to expect from shounen-movies, particularly those based on popular JUMP series. As exaggerated, well-funded filler-arcs, their sole purpose is to reaffirm the archetype of the main character and do the fans some service vis-ŗ-vis the secondary characters, themes, etc. All I ever hope to get out of the experience is some decent entertainment value and the animation quality thatís a hallmark of any Ďfilm-gradeí anime.

    Along came ZA LOSTU TOWA!

    I gotta hand it to the Studio Pierrot, cus someone went the extra mile to screw this one up. Never before had the induced groans from watching these disasters come close to causing actual physical harm to me than when I innocently plopped down to watch this garbage. The quality can HARDLY be called movie-quality, especially for an anime as popular as Naruto. Granted it wasnít as hilariously bad as the Pein battle, but for the love of GodÖcome on. At the very least, the character models were crisp, but other than that, this was typical contemporary animation that most REGULAR episodes have. What irks me most is that itís the same studio that handled the previous movies, and for some reason, they seem to believe in an inverse proportionality between the popularity of a series and the quality with which they should be animating it.

    The mantra of basing the plot around Naruto consistently beating his head against a villain shaped like a clichť brick was expertly executed, here. Not since the Ramen-making filler had I seen the Rasengan so exquisitely abused and the fact that Naruto could ONLY find MORE uninspired ways of defacing was simply amazing.
    The Fourth? What? He wasnít in this mov-OH! You mean that cheap plot device whose futility of existence in this flick was eclipsed only by the heroís? Yea. I guess he was there. Whatever.

    Sakura? Kakashi? Yamato? Sai? I remember seeing a vague silhouette, Iím not too sure. Maybe Iím getting it mixed up with the manga.

    I actually scoffed at Kwasiís comment about leisurely skimming about the movie, but in the interest of curbing cerebral aneurysms, I recommend you take his advice and do just that. Youíll want to pay extra attention to the credits, because thatís about the only useful part of the screenplay since youíll be composing your hit-list off it.

    In the end, itís really my fault for sitting there and watching it, and for having the audacity to hope for anything better, and to be honest, Iím going to continue doing so. Am I a masochist? Probably, but Naruto was the first manga I happened upon and Iíve been reading them since. To that end, Iím always hoping that things will get better, even if they clearly arenít, but whateverÖthatís why I prowl these forums and write rants like these, so donít mind me unless you really want to. I believe that, intended demographic or not, thereís a certain level of quality that a devotee has come to expect and has the right to expect out of their target of appreciation, and seeing it so neatly and professionally dashed confounds me.
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    I lost faith in all Naruto movies after the 2nd movie came out since its pretty much a rinse and repeat story and nothing worthwhile came out of it. The only thing that i liked about the Naruto movies was when i saw Kakashi using a Snow/Ice Jitsu for the 1st time ever and then the rest was just meh....




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