^^Really, there's not much point to most of the revivals which are mostly conveniently associated with Naruto & Konoha's history. The stockpile of sharingans also seems a moot point considering Itachi's revival, though I can't be certain of that till we see him in action.

^Yeah, I guffawed when Shikaku was trying to argue Team 9 would have a better understanding of Asuma's abilities than vice versa. Asuma has overseen their training since they were 11, but they shouldn't have had the opportunity to see all of his jutsu or how he fights at 100%. There's a better argument of his defeat by sheer teamwork followed by knowledge of personal weaknesses, as the bell test was meant to illustrate. I can already see the Kurenai reference coming this far away ;_;

As expected (to me) these chapters are boring. These war chapters are only really interesting when you can read them in batches. Too little progressive movements on any front in single chaps.