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    A very neat theory. I especially like the Uzumaki carrying a dominant freak-of-nature gene.
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    @kanzan: i hope you mean dormant?

    back to discussion....
    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    The main reason the feud started in the first place was because the oldest son (the first original butt hurt emo ninja) was rejected as the predecessor of his father, even though he was the oldest. The Sage gave them both some of his power but he trusted the youngest son to carry on his legacy rather than the first because the younger 1 valued peace and understanding as the key to a better society whereas the oldest 1 though that through power, and practically oppression, was the best way to maintain order.

    So your theory holds some merit. I could see the Sage handing over the rinnegan to the younger brother since he probably knew he would use it more wisely than the power hungry older 1.
    thinking about it again, i stand to what i said b4 (well... a part of it)
    -rinnengan is an existence that is just too powerful
    -from what u write, i can say that the first son has an everlasting lust for greater power (like "that person" whom we all knew), while the second son does not (like that "other person" whom we all also knew) ^_^
    so the reason why the sage gives the second son rinnengan is not because he knew that it will used wisely, but rather because he knew it will never be used.
    kind of like the mirror of erised giving harry the philosopher stone..

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    Sounds like a stretch. I'm more with ivanov on this.

    Getting a Uchiha & a Uzumaki to mate sounds even more unlikely than you put it kwasi, since the Uzumaki were part of a different village altogether until the village was destroyed, at which point Kushina said the village survivors scattered across the continent (which is what I though happened with Nagato's mom). Even an amiable alliance between villages wouldn't encourage relationships between them due to conflicts of interest. Consider the Shikamaru x Temari fan pairing to convince yourself of that.

    Also, a gene mutation is generally an environmental effect(radiation, viruses, etc) that changes a person's dna. It really doesn't have much with Nagato getting the rinnegan, though I think you were trying to say that an offspring of a Uchiha & Uzumaki might have a good shot at getting the rinnegan. This latter speculation is also a stretch, considering it relies on gene contribution from both parents to be balanced enough to enable Nagato to perform a whole slew of Rikudo jutsu, and only a genetic engineer making test tube babies with as much control as the scientists from Gattaca could deliberately do this.

    Also, rather than a freak accident, I thought of Nagato being a 3rd sage as somewhat expected. The meaning of rinnegan is the samsara/reincarnation eye, so I would expect someone to inherit the bloodline once the predecessor died (or when their eyes were lost/destroyed).
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    just notice this thread..

    What bout byakugan then?

    FYI, kwasi kinda

    anyway, nice theories there..
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    I like this


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