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    Cool Naruto Chp 517 Discussion/518 Predictions

    Naruto 517: Omoi's War!

    Now that was a nice chapter.

    Ittan should have raised the ground instead of putting them in a ditch for hell to be rain on them.

    So far I dont think there's a cloud nin I dont like, Omoi best bring the pain.
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    With the pit, while they did box themselves in, they now limited the direction of where the enemy can come from to one direction.

    also, I was wondering how Sasori was going to screw around with people without any puppets. Should have seen him using other people as his weapons.

    What I really like though is the Aburame screwing around with chakra sensors. That was a pretty neat trick.

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    I don't think they have another alternative jutsu to avoid an explosion like those from Deidara
    unless one of them know space and time jutsu..
    it's either in the ditch or blown to pieces..

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    I'm with you BF. This is a nice chapter to start the war on. I think that Kabuto/Anko fight is going to be nice in the anime. I hope that Kishi can maintain this pace.

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    Wow, epic ..
    Remind me of the chunin exam battle

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    WOW.. Im still shaking with delight. It seems like we're gonna get our wish of small scale mini battles that make up the grand scheme of the war. I too was confused as to how Sasori would be on top of his game without any puppets to begin with but I was glad to see him utalize bodies and use them as puppets instead. Should've known better after we saw Granny Chiyo use Tsunade as a dummy.

    Anko didn't stand a ghost chance, she barely even put up a fight, lol, and I like the Aburame's version of a Chaff Grenade to avoid detection.

    Kishi is really pulling out all the stops for this war. This is a good start to the war and I expect great things from it.

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    That sasori/deidara combo was a thing of beauty. no wonder they were partners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    Should've known better after we saw Granny Chiyo use Tsunade as a dummy.
    krazy, it was Sakura, not Tsunade.

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    Cool chapter. Canīt fucking wait to see all the coming battles...delicious =D

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    Was bored by the chapter like last week. The start of any Kishi arc always feels a bit pregnant but tedious.

    Naruto's inevitable role in the war seems to have a similar setup as to the Pain arc. We'll only see him training for now and he'll be busted into battle later to showcase KB control.

    I'm glad Edo Tensei was clarified a bit in the chapter and a mass ET dispersal plan was made as I hoped before, though hoping Kabuto would dispell them in a genjutsu sounds kind of weak to me.
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