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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    O yea, and I guess the homosexual rate in the ninja world is freaking high cause relationships like Naruto/Sasuke and Nagato/Yahiko are fricken prevelent. "I live for Nagato, he is the true leader and reason Im in this group" *Leave* "Dont listen to him Konan, im only in this for Yahiko's sake and HE is the true leader of my heart *scratch* I mean this group... LET GO TO HELP HIM OUT!!". Like seriously.. ninja gayness is rampant.
    WTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? the relation between naruto toward sasuke may sound gay, but not Nagato-Yahiko..that's a TRUE FRIENDSHIP & BROTHERHOOD..EVERYBODY'S HEROES AND EVERYBODY'S PAWN TOWARD EACH OTHER..GOT IT??

    anyway, as I said in spoiler thread..this fight is QUITE PROMISING..surely Konan will lose here but TOBI won't get easy win or mayb severely injured that'll make sasuke beat up TOBI just like Orochimaru..there we will have Heroes Leader vs Villain Leader as scheduled. Those story that Tobi set up Akatsuki and Rinnegan for Yahiko and Nagato are all bullshit like he (Tobi) always do..the more I look, the more OBITO alike..and I quite agree that TOBI's body are all from others shinobi's bodyparts..except mayb his sharingan and his soul..
    Say whatever you like but still I believe in ODAWESOME!

    I still believe Gomu Gomu fruit deserve to be a Logia

    Lets read VAGABOND of Inoue Takehiko (Slamdunk)

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    That "I gave nagato the rin'engan " thing reeks of Aizen's "all your battles have been in the palm of my hand" bs XD

    "You have other hearts trapped within you as well, dont you?"
    "You're that guy from last time! What are you talking about?!"
    "The other Hearts within you."
    "Hearts trapped within me....?"

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    SOURCE: http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....rediction.html

    Chapter 510: The Art of Devotion.

    Madara: What is this... (thought: where is she drawing this power from?)
    Konan: You will NOT have his body!

    The gulf of paper and water begins to rise towards Madara.

    -- Flashback --
    Konan, with tears in her eyes sits before Yahiko's dead body.
    Ninja: We found him on the outskirts of town. He nearly made it back but his wounds were too much.
    Konan: Yahiko...
    Ninja2: Where's Nagato? What should we do now? The Rain and Leaf need to pay for this treachery!
    Konan, tearful: He... he doesn't... I...
    Ninja: Nagato has been holed up for three days. He doesn't talk to anyone. He doesn't eat. He just sits.
    Ninja2: But how can he? Does he feel no anger!? No want of revenge!!??
    Ninja: No... he's lost Yahiko. He's lost his will.
    Konan: SHUT UP!! You know nothing of him! Yahiko was his greatest friend and sacrificed himself for us all! His will shall not die! Not as long as we remain!

    Konan storms off and barges in on Nagato.

    Konan: Nagato! Enough!! We can't just sit here mourning for Yahiko! You know I loved him as much as you. Hell, he died to save me! We cannot let his will die like that. Your men sit nervous waiting for a response. Begging for revenge!
    Nagato: Revenge? Heh...
    Konan: YES!! We need to defend this country! We need to fight back!
    Nagato: And who would die that time!
    Konan: ??
    Nagato: Revenge you say? Where would that get us? What peace would an eye for an eye bring us? I'd only be sacrificing more comrades. More friends.
    Konan: N-nagato...
    Nagato: No. Revenge is not the answer. It only breeds more hate and death. Not understanding.
    Konan: Then what will you do? You can't just let Yahiko's will die!
    Nagato: No. I won't stop. But I won't sacrifice you either. Bring me the bodies of the dead.
    Konan: Wha- why? What are you going to do, Nagato?
    Nagato, striding off: I'm going to honour Yahiko's will. I'm going to make our enemies understand what they are doing to us. I'm going to make them understand our pain.

    -- Flashback over --

    Konan: No! I refuse to believe that Yahiko, Nagato and everyone else were just your pawns. Our will shall live on. Even if I don't!
    Madara, thought: No... she isn't that rash...
    Konan: This ends now - Origami Water Prison!

    The paper and water reach out and engulf Madara in a giant, fluctuating sphere that then plummets into the chasm, swallowed up by the waters.

    Konan, gasping: Phase out of that one.
    Madara, appearing behind her: Don't need to.
    Konan, eyes wide: !!
    Madara: I only underestimate once, my dear. Now... the rinnegan, if you will?
    Konan: Never.
    Madara: Wrong answer. You will tell me.

    Madara's eye transform into EMS. Konan collapses.

    Madara: Heh... That wasn't so bad. Collect her bod- (Konan makes discrete hand signs and dissolves into a flutter of paper) Heh... clever girl. Not that it matters much... I think we've seen enough. Eh, Nagato?

    Nagato's zombie rises from the shadows.

    Madara: Kabato really needs to give you guys some personality... it just isn't like old times.

    Scene switch to a small house in the rain. Konan stumbles up the stairs and collapse at the front door.

    Konan: Nagato... Yahiko...


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    ^dude...pretty good prediction...

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    The chapter was quite good, and I really like your prediction, raijin !

    I think as well that Madara is bluffing about giving the rinnegan and stuff.
    Thtat he was behind to observe, I don't mind, but totally controlling... He admits himself to Zetsu that his plans are not engraved into granit but are moving with things coming along .

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    Default I gave him the Rinnegan. . .

    ugh. . .

    SO basically hes here to get the Rinnegan to give to Sasuke or something. . .

    at least that's what I first thought when I read that page. . .

    Konan needs to hurry up and die now so that the story can keep moving. . .

    Btw, when are we gonna see Madaras face? <-- Try To Fight me, Biatch!

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    Man... all this turning Naruto into some sort of Messiah has become a bit too annoying, in my opinion - reaching Mary Sue-ish levels, I'd say. Also this whole, light/darkness... this is good, this is evil deal sounds extremely crappy, I believe.

    But, either way... I hope the main confrontations take place soon enough.

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    The Twilights novel is over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heartlessfang View Post
    That "I gave nagato the rin'engan " thing reeks of Aizen's "all your battles have been in the palm of my hand" bs XD
    I was thinking the same thing. I have never liked Bleach. I followed the series because of the big tits only. The series was kind of a shameless entertainment only. But the moment Aizen spouted his bs, I yelled at the screen: "Yeeah right! No one is fooled by that shit!" Such writing is so insanely poor that I wanted to physically injure people for saying they still liked Bleach.

    Now Madara is doing the same thing. So far, I only want to physically injure Kishimoto Masashi though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryoga-san View Post
    I was thinking the same thing. I have never liked Bleach. I followed the series because of the big tits only. .
    haha you are awesome!!! <-- Try To Fight me, Biatch!


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