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    really glad you guys are here!!! missed this place sooo much. it's been really empty here. other forums seem so strange and confusing. i'll never leave ST until they close this site! anyway on topic... tenzo's cussing was absolutely hilarious as he just repeated bee's words in a sarcastic humorous way. priceless...
    it is still strange to me that noone not even S-class ninja are able to detect kisame by now. not even the bijuu have sensed him or even the magical seal on that "special" island!this just screams that madara may well teleport to that island to help or even rescue kisame. i also thought of the cloud betraying the leaf for the sake of getting control of the kyuubi - it's like a plot twist from out of left field that may actually serve to lengthen the manga in some way or the other. however i really hope that is not the case. things seem to be going too good for naruto and company right now tho, so maybe we should expect something to happen any time now. i also hope that naruto gets past his many limitations this time and not get any more restrictions... but that may just be a dream... oh well. .. KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU.... RASENGAN!!!!

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    Naruto would probably go in sage mode soon to keep the foxes power in checj .....and then sense kisame
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    I think that if they sense chakras from Samehada, they would all assume that it's Samehada's chakra or remaining of Kisame's absorbed chakra.

    Apart from killerbee, nobody could ever assume that a guy can litterally fuse with a sword.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reaperzeero View Post
    Has anyone else noticed how the size of the Bijuus is slowly getting smaller? I remember that the first ep the Kyuubi was HUGE and so was Jiraija's toad. Also when Naruto fought the Shukaku it also looked bigger to me. But recently every summon\monster seems to be smaller than before. Here is an example notice how small the guys are compared to the summon and here> as well. Now look at the newest chapter it doesen't look so huge. What do you guys think?
    I think they DEFINITELY have gotten smaller. I remember the first time Naruto summoned Bunta, and the trees around the forest looked like short shrubs. And then later, when Jiraiya died, he was only about as tall as the Hokage building. As compared to the freakin' tall trees in the forests. Same goes for the Kyuubi. It's mostly a scale thing I suppose, or maybe they can change size as well XD

    Is it just me or is the art for the Kyuubi in this chapter a little weird? I find that the Kyuubi's got a real weird expression on this chapter, almost like a grimace rather than the usual malicious growling dog sorta look it normally has. Thoughts?


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