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    Default I'm tired of the spam.

    so what happened to ST?

    2/3 years ago this was a very lively place
    and now
    we only wait for spoilers/weekly discussion
    and then have an army of spam bots invade us...

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    You really surprised by that? The only mod that gives a crap around these forums these days is Flash. And no offense to him but compared to the mods of old. he doesn't do much in the way of modding. It's more like he just oversees and makes sure each form gets the information it needs. In the days of Koam. spam was quickly removed. threads were locked. things were edited swiftly and large discussions were held. As it stands and as you said. We don't discuss much anymore because no one is forthcoming and everything is either predictable or we just don't care enough beyond the scope of the chapter. If any newbie tries. he/she is more likely to be heckled into nonexistance. The long and short is we come here because it's an ad free place with someone who gives good inside info and keeps us up to date. If it weren't for Flash. these forums would be flat out dead.
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    That's true, Flash needs to come back from hiatus.

    Does the spambots actually register a account?

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    The older we get, the less time we have

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    where is flash anyways? I know he's gone somewhere for a few weeks, but does anyone know specifically when he's returning?

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    The reason this place is doing down hill is due to myself being missing for about a year. I plan to invest a lot more time into this site and hopefully the users will return and traffic will increase to what it once was.

    I know I dropped the ball but I had little choice with all the bills I have to pay.

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    I'm back from hiatus, sorry to be gone so long I didn't think the forum would go so belly up without me for a couple of weeks.

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    I guess we were a bit lost without you, Blackflash.
    I guess that's why we could give you the "community builder" status

    "Back in black" ... errr no, Black is back




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