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    Default [ENG-Subbed] Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3

    Hey hey!

    "Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire" is out, subbed in a relatively short time after the RAW was made available yesterday. I'll post my opinions a little later on.

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    Edit: Source 2:
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    Ending with a homophobia joke, huh? Only the Japanese. Only the Japanese.

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    ... surprisingly enough, aside from the corny subliminal messaging thats been present in all naruto movies, this one wasn't that bad. decent fights, decent combos, not THAT much annoying storyline. I'm willing to say that this was the best naruto movie so far... meaning it was fairly decent by today's standards.

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    damn fights were good in this one! Garra vs. Naruto, Rookie 9 + Neji, Lee, and tenten vs bigass thing lol

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    yeah, this one wasn't that bad compared to the last one, or the first one. I felt that this movie was more about character ideals clashing rather than trying to to beat the last boss.
    Lee X Neji omote renge hakkesho kaiten was win.
    Naruto raped another person with rasen shuriken...I was hoping for a rasengan + raikiri finish.
    lol at ten ten's face raping twin dragons tech. That thing could wipe an army. Too bad it's not canon. Sorry tenten XD

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    New drinking game: Watch the movie and every time someone mentions the Will of Fire, take a couple drinks. Guaranteed to get you messed up.
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    I really lol'd at the end. Possibly the best part out of the whole movie next to the Neji/Lee team up.

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    HEHE same, I laughed too but SOMEONE was offended... 0.0

    *psst I think hes gay too*

    Edit: I also liked how the new generation fights were actually awesome and showed off some badassery, even for tenten. . .I wish the manga and anime were like this movie, instead of sasuke for 5,000 years <-- Try To Fight me, Biatch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metrobluejay View Post
    New drinking game: Watch the movie and every time someone mentions the Will of Fire, take a couple drinks. Guaranteed to get you messed up.

    Yup, couldn't agree more.

    What I though about the movie??? Meh, typical Naruto going above and beyond and even out of his call of duty to rescue a friend.... but the thing that makes this movie more palpable, for me, is that this time around the reason for his relentless rebelliousness wasn't driven by his determination to convert some stuck up, newly introduced, random ass kid but to not turn a blind eye on his Sensei. The justification for Naruto's actions in this movie were a little better for me to digest. I still skimmed through the bs talking and stuff though.

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    not a bad movie, but I don't like the way it rehashes so many things from the manga.
    Even that homophobia thing was a callback to that part during naruto's training when kakashi says something like 'I really like you now'.. And I didn't like the other callback where Kakashi says something like 'Naruto you've really surpassed me now'. Especially since I hated him saying that to begin with.. Kakashi should really give himself more credit than just saying he's been overtaken by such a dumbass as Naruto. Would the Raikage ever say that he's been overtaken by Killerbee? I think not.

    I find it kind of funny how Shikamaru was all just like "yes, he's not complete yet, so you have to hit him on his weak spot on his chest", and Naruto's like "I got it", and just does the fuuton rasenshuriken, which is basically a large technique that hits his whole body.. And it makes no sense whatsoever that the bad guy couldn't absorb that particular jutsu.

    Also, Shikamaru was kind of annoying in this one, I found his actions quite out of character. A real brainiac wouldn't say things like 'there's no other way', when they have an extremely limited knowledge of what's going on. Shikamaru was meant to be good at finding a solution. How useless was gaara in this movie? The only positive thing he did in the movie was sending the sand a message not to attack.

    What's with that kishimoto quote at the end of the movie "I hope this movie's story stays with you forever".. I hope it doesn't..
    At least that art was good.
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