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    Default Roll Kishi in a rug and throw him in a river

    Let's play with the idea. You can roll Kishimoto in a mafia rug and throw him in a river. The manga is yours and by some unknown science fiction reason, Kishi's art style is too (so that no one would suspect a thing). How would you direct the manga from this point in the story?

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    I'd prefer it if this was done at an earlier point.. Like just before Pain attacked Konoha. Before so many lame things were brought into the story, such as lame ninja politics, Pain's lame story, Cop-out ressurections, Naruto's stupid groveling mentality, Madara's stupid plan and the Jyubi, Rikudo's sons, Sasuke's unbelievable transfer to the generic evil villain, Sharingan overdose..

    It's not really very salvageable anymore.

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    what is lost,
    is lost forever......

    let Kishi take his work to the afterlife

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    Theres.... nothing really. I mean... this manga died so long ago, I think I'd have to roll it up with Kishi in the rug.

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    Starting as of this chapter? There is a lot to redeem. here the list: Sakura needs to die somehow. Oro/Kabuto needs to kill Madara. I think it will have something to do with the mysterious casket that Orochikabuto summoned that intimidated Madara. Oro (in my opinion the only real true villain of the series) must finally gain the Sharingan. Sauske must find redemption. There must never be anymore mention of "the sage" (aka Hyuuga-Uchiha Steve)

    lets put it all together and...

    During the final attack on Konoha, Sauske will fail to destroy the village. The Super Naruto Club will barely stop him and whats left of Akatsuki. During this battle Sauske will get the chance at redemption, somehow...maybe by seeing Naruto defending civilian children or something, he wises up, decides to honor his brother the proper way and turns against Madara at just the right moment to thwart the attack and tip the battle, though Madara's conterstroke will weaken/injure Sauske. Kabutochimaru will make his move and kill Madara, and finish off Sauske, and claim his body and finally succeed in possessing him. The now Sharingan equipped, super Orochimaru will flee into hiding to consolidate his possession of Sauske's body. Akatsuki will finally be wiped out for good in this battle.

    Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura's final team 7 mission will be to hunt down and slay Orochimaru in Sauske's body to both end a serious threat and as a final act to honor their friend who found redemption in the end. After a good chase, a multi-stage battle will commence. During the final throw-down, Sakura will die, taking a blade in the gut for a chance to poison Oro with a formula she and Tsunade made to interfere with Oro's body-snatch-no-jutsu. Oro, now weakened and not able to control Sauske's body well, falls to Kakashi and Naruto in a final exchange.


    After Team 7 locates Super Oro, Tsunade decides it is her final responsibility to finish off Oro as a former comrade and to finish the task that her former master, the 3rd Hokage could not finish. After Team 7 battles him to within an inch of their lives, Tsunade takes the fatal wound so Sakura can poison him. Then, in his weakened condition, Tsunade uses the Shinigami seal to rip out his soul, sacrificing herself, but finishing Oro off for good. Team 7 mourns Sauske, Kakashi becomes Hokage, then later, Naruto, Sakura becomes a weird spinster cat lady.

    I think I like the second one better....

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    basically the question is: by your own opinion ow will the story go on: well here is mine:

    prediction of what is to come:
    well... this is also point out several things

    there is a huge gap on the kages plan.. placing both kb and naruto on that island is a huge mistake.. here's the explanation:

    while all the kages and ninja from all over the country are marching to the hidden HQ of akatsuki (what i believe to be the graveyard of bijuus), they put the last remaining jinchuurikis in an island that is hard to reach from the nearest land (the existances of that giant squid just make things diffucult).. to make things worst the last remaining akatsuki member except kisame, whom is already on that island within sameheda, are master on teleportation... which i believe is madara's true intention for making an apperance on the kage summit..

    so here's the prediction of that which to come:
    the kages leading armies of every country marching on to bijuus graveyard. the will be confronted by whom i believe to be sasuke (the dumb ass whom dream is to kill every single nin konoha has..he need new positive dream,, like becoming a hokage or something). FYI i'm not overestimating him here.. and what now is kabutomaru with his rised from the dead army... (for me this Will point out that madara doesn't really need him and the 4 edotenseis that he offer before.. also point out that the last coffin that kabuto offer was something that madara really need but not for battle/combat use...)
    some of you prolly wonder why i think madara doesn't need more powerfull combat power for this battle.. well here is the reason: HE IS NOT EVEN GONNA PARTICIPATE ON THIS BATTLE...
    while the rest of the world gonna focus their attention on this particular place madara and zetsu will prolly teleport themself to that island where kisame already waiting... making a direct attack toward killerbee, naruto, kakashi and yamato ( akatsuki: godly madara, the jinchuuriki level kisame, zetsu. and zetsu again VS 2 super elite nin kakashi-yamato and two jinchuuriki; on an island that look like hell in the middle of nowhere and hard to get... plotwise perfect)
    well that is that.. let's focus back to the main battle especially sasuke (for those of you who doesn't like him, i'm sorry.. but he is part of this story)
    if what i think is true that there is something within both sasuke and naruto that bonded both their soul, a sealing type of jutsu that itachi left (might also be involving the shinigami), then the thing that karin notice before inside naruto is this jutsu (prolly that shadow that she sees on sasuke that look like a devil at kage summit).. if so then konoha intel will, somewhere in the middle of the battle, inform the troops not kill sasuke (also confirming the warning that naruto gives before.. i bet sakura gonna fall down in tears again, also bet karin will say 'get a hold on yourself').. which is gonna be a hard thing to do since the fact that sasuke is trying to kill everyone (see i told u i'm not overestimating him before)

    well that's it for sasuke... lets now focus on "the island" especially madara.
    plotwise if whatever jutsu that naruto will be able to do after this will make the attack on that island failed.. madara and gang will be defeated (not dead but lost the fight). thus this is where kabutomaru last coffin will comes out in the story... it might be is madara's body...since there's a time where sasuke jumps out of a snake eye.. madara might jumps out of his own body to save his life from what ever it is that got him killed in the first place...

    ..... well that is all it.. i guess

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    you don'T need to post it in every single thread dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by m to tha b View Post
    you don't need to post it in every single thread dude
    +1111111111 <-- Try To Fight me, Biatch!

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    I would have liked to roll Kishi into a river as far back as the beginning of Part 2 when Sasuke stopped being a supporting character and became Kishimoto's one and only begotten son and new main protagonist of the manga. And then, for starters:

    1)Naruto's timeskip training would actually mean something, and he'd at least have mastered one element under Jiraiya.

    2)Sakura wouldn't still be a whimpering, weak-kneed fangirl when it came to Sasuke and would have gotten over her crush.

    3)We'd spend some actual panel time on the various jinchuurikis, instead of having the manga fixated around Sasuke's smug, emo misadventures.

    4)That lamebrained Kyuubi-hater Yamato would remain in the Anbu forever and Naruto instead would be continuing to train to control Kyuubi under Jiraiya and Kakashi.

    5)Itachi's eyes would realistically rot away a few days after his death and Sasuke would be condemned to eventual blindness for his villainy.

    6)One Naruto saw firsthand what a jerkface Sasuke had become he'd abandon all notion of Emsuke still being 'his friend' and at least attempt to kill him.

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    insert random 10 character sentence.



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