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    Default Naruto ch 485 Spoilers

    Possibly due to that Shonen Jump crackdown blackflash mentioned the confirmed spoilers haven't arrived as early as they usually do this week. So let's ponder a few non-confirmed ones instead. Who knows, one of them may turn out to be true like what happened a few weeks ago.

    Spoiler 1
    Sasuke with evil smile on his face

    Sasuke: So you’re here to, I was starting to wonder…

    Naruto is watching Sasuke with angry face

    Kakashi: I don’t see Yamoto anywhere… Naruto you shouldn’t come here, there is no other way, we have to do it… you saw what he was trying to do.

    Sakura: Naruto… I’m sorry (and she’s starts crying, nothing new (-_-, ))

    Naruto is still looking at Sasuke

    Sasuke: Aother fly to kill… Kakashi is right, you shouldn’t come here (he activates sharingan) or maybe you want to die? (evil laugh)

    Naruto is shocked

    Sasuke thinking: Damn it! my eyesight is getting worse! I must rest before I go to Konoha…

    Naruto: Why Sasuke?!… Why did you become like this?!

    Sasuke: Why? Because I know the true!

    Naruto: The true is you are manipulated by Madara! Can’t you see?!

    Sasuke: What I’m doing is what I want to do, and what I want is REVANGE! And I will not die till I KILL everyone in Konoha! (Sasuke in anger forms Sussano skeleton version, blood is flowing from the right eye, left eye is bleeding too but not so hard like left)

    Naruto and Sakura jumps back.

    Sasuke thinking: I must kill them fast!

    Naruto is thinking about what Itachi told him and what he said to Itachi ( I will find a way to protect Konoha and Sasuke thing)

    Naruto thinking: This cant be true! That’s not Sasuke I know…

    Kakashi: Watch out Naruto! Sasuke in this form is really dangerus and practically untouchable!

    Naruto: Sasuke! Madara is manipulating you! Open your eyes Sasuke!

    Sasuke: My eyes are open! They are open like never before! You will know this before the fight ends!

    Sasuke in Sussano form starts running toward Naruto and Sakura.

    Naruto is forming kage bunshin seal, clone appears and takes Sakura away from Naruto and Sasuke

    Suddenly Naruto in Sage Mode jumps from the forest and trying to punch Sasuke from behind with frog katas!

    Sasuke turns around and strikes him with Sussano fist, the smoke appears!

    Sasuke is turning around and he see original Naruto in SM trying to hit him the same way like the clone second ago!

    Sasuke takes hit and he fly few steps back. brought to you by

    Kakashi thinking: So he made clone in the forest before he rescue Sakura to gadder Natural Energy, not only that but he use him as a decoy and when he was destroyed he transfered NE to original Naruto who was already attacking Sasuke. Nice plan Naruto, too bad it was not very effective… but you don’t want to kill him do you?

    Sasuke: So you have some new techniques Naruto, too bad that’s useless! I didn’t feel a thing! Muahahaha! (evil laugh)

    Sasuke starts coughing up blood, Sussano disappears

    Sasuke Thinking: Damn! I don’t have time! I have to end this quickly!

    Blood is starting to flow from Sasuke’s right eye

    Kakashi: ! Watch out Naruto! Don’t look into his eyes!

    Sasuke: too late! (Sasuke use tsukuyomi on Naruto)

    Inside Naruto head:

    Naruto: !? where am I?! (Naruto can’t move, he’s paralyzed)

    Sasuke: This is my world, and the last place you will see in your life! he try to stab him with sword but suddenly he’s paralyzed just like Naruto!

    ???: Corection… this is my world… Sasuke.

    Sasuke: ?!?!!, ITACHI?!!

    Itachi appears!
    Spoiler 2
    485: Sacrificial Pawn

    Madara is sitting at a dinner table in darkness with a banquet of food. As Madara starts to eat some food Zetsu appears from the darkness. Zetsu has a concerned look on his face. Madara looks up at him with a curious expression.
    Madara: “What is it?”
    Zetsu: “Sasuke’s old team mates have caught up to Sasuke and it appears what you feared has happened. Sasuke may have exhausted his eyes to the edge of blindness.”
    Madara: “It was to be expected. Sasuke has shown much skill in advancing to the level he has but unfortunately unlike Itachi he has not learned how to properly control his new found abilities.”
    Zetsu: “So what do we do with him.”
    Madara: “Leave him. Let him discover for himself what happenens when he does not have our help.”
    Zetsu: “But he could be killed. Naruto has found him and in his condition Sasuke has zero chance of surviving a fight with Naruto.”
    Madara starts eating his found while Zetsu has a nervous look on his face. Madara stops eating and then looks at Zetsu.
    Madara: “Do not worry Zetsu. Everything is still going according to plan. Sasuke will survive this encounter I am certain and even if he should die there is still others we can rely on to carry out our plans.”
    Zetsu walks away while Madara continues to eat.

    Kakashi is staring at Sasuke who is looking blankly ahead. Sakura stares at Naruto as he sets her down. Naruto has a determined look on her face. Kakashi turns around to face Sakura and Naruto.
    Kakashi: “Sakura. Go back and continue healing that girl besides this is not a fight for you to be involved in.”
    Sakura: “She is stabalized enough for now. You are not gonna deny me this.”
    Naruto: “Kakashi sensei is right. This fight is not one you can do alone Sakura. We can not protect you and fight sasuke at the same time.”
    Sakura: “Alright. I will go.”
    Sasuke smiles at Naruto and Kakashi as Sakura heads back towards Karin. Naruto walks towards Sasuke and then stops a few feet away.
    Naruto: “So this is what you have become Sasuke. This is what your vengance has done to you. If only I had gotten to you sooner but maybe it doesn’t have to end like this.”
    Sasuke starts laughing and points his kunai at Naruto.
    Sasuke: “You always have been a fool Naruto. I will enjoy killing you just as much as I will enjoy killing Kakashi.”
    Naruto: “So is that you talking or has Madara poisoned your mind that much since we last met that you are now doing his bidding?”
    Sasuke gets enraged and gets ready to charge at Naruto.
    Sasuke yelling: “You know nothing of what motivates me! Now for the last time! Die Naruto!”
    Sasuke charges and attempts to stab naruto at point blank range. Naruto instantly dodges to the left, goes in sage mode and hits Sasuke in the stomach. Sasuke and Kakashi show shocked expressions as sasuke collapses to the ground spitting out blood.
    Kakashi thinking: “That strength. Just that one blow was enough to do serious damage to Sasuke.”
    Sasuke looks up at Naruto in shocked horror as he sees Naruto’s stern face in Sage Mode.
    Sasuke thinking: “Damn it. I don’t stand a chance against him in this state. There is still one chance left though.”
    Naruto: “Give it up Sasuke. There is no way you can win this fight. If you stop now I may still be able to save you from being executed.”
    Sasuke suddenly smiles and tosses a smoke bomb. Naruto looks around for Sasuke but Sasuke has vanished. Sakura is tending to Karin when suddenly something strikes her on the head knocking her to the ground unconscious. Sasuke hovers over Karin. Karin is surprised to see Sasuke.
    Karin: “Sasuke….”
    Sasuke: “It appears I still have need of you one last time but I promise this will be the last.”
    Sasuke shows an evil smile and gets on his knees still hover over Karin.
    Karin thinking: “What is he doing?”
    Sasuke leans over and bites into Karin’s throat. Karin screams in a gurgle as Sasuke bites into her throat. Blood drips from her neck while an earie slurping noise occurs. Naruto and Kakashi suddenly appear from around the pillar.
    Sasuke looks up at them with Karin’s blood still covering his face. Sasuke sees them all clearly again and he gives off an evil smile while Naruto and Kakashi are clearly shocked at what they have just seen.
    Naruto: “So this is the monster you have become.”

    486: Battle of the Titans: Sage Naruto and Kakashi
    Spoiler 3
    485: A Step Between One and Perdition

    (Bridge Scene)
    Sakura: Naruto?
    Naruto: Are you alright?!
    Sakura: Y-yes…
    Kakashi: (thinking) He’s already here? His speed is unbelievable…
    Sasuke: Of course, the party couldn’t be complete without you, could it?
    Naruto: …
    Sasuke: Is that all you’re going to say, Naruto?! Nothing? Where is the big speech about friendship?! (grins) Are you still afraid to fight me… scaredy cat?
    Naruto: (smirks) That takes me back... to the times we were Team 7. No… we still are Team 7.
    Sasuke: Hmph, you’re still as naïve as you were back then. Friendship? Why? There’s no truth in it! No, no, no… (grins) Only in revenge truth can be found! I can see that now!
    Naruto: Sasuke, why do you keep treading this path of revenge? It’ll only create anguish and hate, which will turn into revenge, can’t you see this is destroying you?
    Sasuke: What you know about it? You never lost the reason to exist… (Naruto closes his eyes) My entire clan was wiped so that Konoha would dance on their graves! I’ll destroy it… I’ll save it from itself!
    Naruto: (opens his eyes;yells) You’re the one that knows nothing! Nagato killed Ero-Sennin and destroyed Konoha! (Sasuke is shocked) Even after all the heinous things he did, I saved him from his hateful, delusional ways. And I won’t forgive myself if I don’t save you from Madara.
    Sasuke: Save… me? (smiles in a creepy way) So Nagato already destroyed Konoha?! He made my job even easier! Say, Naruto…
    Naruto: …?
    Sasuke: Was he after you? (Naruto looks away) Oh, the irony, the Jinchuuriki of the Bijuu whose random apparition 17 years ago made my clan a target to eliminate… was the reason why the same village that took advantage of the Uchiha was blown away.
    Naruto: The Kyuubi didn’t appear randomly. It was Madara who summoned it, my father told me!
    Sasuke: (laughs maniacally) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Naruto looks nervous) That’s rich, your father told you?! I knew you weren’t the sharpest kunai of the bunch, but that’s hilarious! And you think I care that Madara summoned it?! The damage is done, and Konoha is to blame!
    Naruto: You completely lost your mind…
    Sasuke: Me? Poor creature, you threw away your life chasing me and I’m the one who lost it? Maybe it’s better for you to die in hope of bringing me back than to live knowing that you’ll be a failure forever. (Susano’o reappears)
    Naruto: I knew it’d come to this. I’ll keep the words I said in the Valley of the End… I’ll bring you back at full force! I’ll beat you back to your old self! (enters in Sage Mode) Sasuke! You won’t continue your path of revenge if I have to break the bones in your arms and legs, I’ll stop you!

    (Madara Scene)
    (Zetsu appears near Madara)
    Dark Zetsu: I knew you’d be here.
    White Zetsu: Any luck with Shisui’s Sharingan?
    Madara: Unfortunatly, Danzou crushed that eye. So, did Kisame captured the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki?
    White Zetsu: I’m afraid he didn’t.
    Dark Zetsu: Kumogakure decapitated the poor bastard.
    Madara: (punches the table) Another obstacle to my goal… no matter, I still have Sasuke, who’ll be begging for more power soon enough and I’ll be the only one capable of giving him what he wants…
    White Zetsu: You mean..?
    Dark Zetsu: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
    Madara: Precisely.

    (Naruto Scene)
    Kakashi: Sakura, pick up the girl and get out of here!
    Sakura: What about you, Kakashi-sensei?
    Kakashi: I have to amend myself from my past mistakes.
    Sasuke: (Sasunao’o is starting to incorporate the last layer) Your only mistake is standing in my way! (thinking) Just a little more…
    Kakashi: Watch out the arrows that Susano’o shoots.
    Naruto: Got it covered. (produces 5 clones)
    Sasuke: Good old Naruto, using Kagebunshin no Jutsu ever frigging fight (3 clones run toward Sasuke)… all the better to end your pitiful existence! (Susano’o shoots one clone down; Naruto starts to form the Rasenshuriken)
    Kakashi: Raiton: Raijuu Pakku! * (Kakashi forms 5 lightning hounds from his hand, that assault Susano’o)

    *Thunder Release: Thunder Beast Pack

    (Sakura Scene)
    (Sakura finishes healing Karin; Sakura is crying)
    Karin: Sasuke is drowning in the darkness…
    Sakura: …?
    Karin: His chakra is getting colder… so cold…
    Sakura: …
    Karin: Please, Konoha… save him from… himself…
    Sakura: (wipes the tears and forces a smile) We will, don’t worry…
    Karin: Thank… you…
    Sakura: You’re all healed up, we should go now.

    (Naruto Scene)
    (Only two of the clones and one of the lightning hounds remain; Rasenshuriken is almost formed)
    Naruto: (thinking) Almost ready…
    Sasuke: I won’t allow that!
    (Susano’o shoot one of the clones forming Rasenshuriken, making it disperse into a wind blast that annihilates the rest of the clones and the lightning hound)
    Sasuke: Is that all you got?
    Naruto: Gahhh! (he falls down to his knees; he opens his mouth and black feathers fly from it)
    Sasuke: What the…?! (the black feathers start to gather, revealing Itachi)
    Itachi: Enough, Sasuke. (everyone’s shocked)
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    Battle of Titans? You need a Sage Naruto and a Kakashi against a not-really-revitalized Sasuke? fuck you xD (didnīt even read the whole spoiler, gotta go )

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    Sasuke is a vampire now? XD

    "You have other hearts trapped within you as well, dont you?"
    "You're that guy from last time! What are you talking about?!"
    "The other Hearts within you."
    "Hearts trapped within me....?"

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    The first spoiler is plausible. The second one is pure fanfiction (got some Sam Winchester a la Supernatural vibes from its ending, and we all know that Kishi won't let Naruto one-shot Sasuke in the gut).

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    Did not read any of the spoilers even though I <3 Witcher. Just responding to the Sam Winchester comment above. Ryoga....I've seriously been watching that for like a couple of weeks now. The show is so fucking good. And funny.

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    all fake.

    "You're in mah wurlddddd.... Sasukehh!!"

    fanfiction, you see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spoiler 2
    Naruto: So is that you talking or has Madara poisoned your mind that much since we last met that you are now doing his bidding?
    Quote Originally Posted by spoiler 1
    Naruto: Why Sasuke?!… Why did you become like this?! (...)you are manipulated by Madara! Can’t you see?!
    hmm, which line sounds more like Naruto, I wonder...

    looks like someone's gotta learn how to write more credibly.

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    The 2nd one sounds too retarded to be true.

    1) When's the last time we've seen someone eat in Naruto?? Seriously, the last time we saw anything close to food was when naruto was eating flies and crickets while training with the frog. I cant imagine Madara doing that.

    2) Sakura insisting that she stay to help Naruto and Kakashi fight sasuke now after she herself couldn't go through with it doesn't make any sense.


    3) Sasuke biting Karin to the point that she's bleeding is WAY too far even for him. And why would he suddenly appear behind sakura to only knock her out with a hit on the head when he tried to kill her, which a head shot I might add, TWICE BEFORE??

    Spoiler 2 definately has to be a fake, if not then God help us.

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"

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    spoiler 1 seems plausible, even though it probably isn't true.
    I think having Itachi's consciousness inside Naruto's head is possible, since we know that Minato did something similar.. Although, it's kind of funny to think that Naruto has 3 characters inside his head: Minato, Itachi and the Kyubi. I wonder what kind of hijinx they get up to when Naruto's asleep

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    come on guys don't hate on spoiler two, I actually liked it Madara needs his dinner


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