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    Yes, Spoiler 1 seems plausible but it would only further the discontentment of people who feel that Kishimoto purposely keep Naruto weak in favor of sasuke. He gave Sasuke a "GOD" eye, and gave naruto a time limited Sage mode and "kage bunshin"....LOL...

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    And Rasengan dude. And rasenshurikan. Give the man credit asshole.

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    don't forget that he gave naruto a crowjob as well, from Itachi. we still have yet to see what it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danzo View Post
    spoiler 1 seems plausible, even though it probably isn't true.
    I think having Itachi's consciousness inside Naruto's head is possible, since we know that Minato did something similar.. Although, it's kind of funny to think that Naruto has 3 characters inside his head: Minato, Itachi and the Kyubi. I wonder what kind of hijinx they get up to when Naruto's asleep
    That is kind of funny having various people just running around in your head, unknown to you. LOL
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    Spoiler 1 actually sounds pretty decent and reasonable. The only thing I didn't like was Sasuke doing more villain monologuing now, which is getting way annoying. Then again that's what made the spoiler believable...Kishi would do that.

    I actually kinda like spoiler 2 too, somehow Madara eating and wanting to see how Sasuke does without help is kinda cool. Though it sounds a lot like wishful thinking for Madara to be that laid-back about Sasuke after all the trouble he went through to get him. Him biting Karin seems to make a lot of sense to me, and I wonder why he didn't just do it earlier. Though I didn't expect the biting the throat bit...bit bloody. It's way overkill though. Sasuke and Karin already had 2 "dark Sasuke" we need a third?

    If some parts of some spoilers were combined it'd be awesome.

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    Lol at second spoiler, madara eating trough his mask lol

    That one may be true :

    Naruto glares at Sasuke
    Kakashi punches Sasuke
    Naruto preaches to Sasuke
    Naruto: "I understand what you're doing"
    Sasuke complains that he's exhausted, says he killed Danzō
    Kakashi is surprised
    Sakura complains to Sasuke
    Naruto's shadow clone says something like "Kakashi, this is my duty"
    Naruto holds Kakashi back
    Chidori vs Rasengan
    It doesn't lead to a conclusion
    Again, more conversation
    Again, Rasengan vs Chidori

    An other one

    Naruto says he understands Sasuke
    Sasuke calls him a stupid kid
    Naruto tells Kakashi/Sakura to stay back
    Naruto uses bunshins to hold Kakashi back/out of the way
    Chidori vs. Rasengan
    There's a big crash


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