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    Cool Naruto Chp 484 Discussion/485 Predictions

    unconfirmed spoiler:

    Kakashi and Sasuke start fighting, Kakashi reads sasuke's chakra.

    Kakashi makes a raikiri and charges at sasuke, sasuke dodges and cuts kakashi with his regular sword. The kakashi was a Mizu Bushin Jutsu.

    Some talk about how the clan died between them both, and Kakashi asks sasuke why is he spiting on Itachi's legacy. Sasuke is shocked kakashi knows the truth.

    Sasuke: Konoha made Itachi betray and kill the clan.

    Kakashi: Itachi did it on his own free will, he wanted to do it.

    Sasuke forms Susano...

    Kakashi in thought, that's susanoo I must use it...(not clear about this).

    Sasuke: Behold my power, the power of darkness.

    Kakashi starts his Mks, sasuke is in complete shock. While in susanoo a hole starts to open up inside. Kakashi is targeting sasuke

    Kakashi: This is my Mankegyou power, I told you those who seek revenge have a dark end.

    Sasuke cannot get lose and his head starts to get sucked in.

    Kakashi has a flashback of Naruto and sasuke arguing and Sasuke trying to get the bells from kakashi, He tears up and says I'm sorry Naruto I must do this.

    Madara appears from behind Kakashi, and Kakashi loses his focus. He is about to stab kakashi.

    Madara: You can tell Naruto sorry when you meet in death.

    Madara gets pucnhed hard and flies into a tree his mask falls off, He looks up in shock

    Naruto is in a Kyuubi 2 tailed state with sage mode!!!

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    I wouldn't mind if this spoiler was true. Finally seeing some Naruto action would be refreshing.

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    it's most likely fake. Naruto is faster in sage mode, but Kakashi had way too big of a head start on him to be able to catch up to him within 1 chapter.

    on a side note, did anyone notice the scenery difference between where sasuke is fighting and where naruto was staying? It's like a full season's difference, yet sakura managed to travel between both spots starting from when Madara started to fight danzo's goons to when Sasuke just won. Seriously, there is something off about the climates in the elemental nations, that is unless of course there is another special chakra item/machine/world energy that screws around with everything that kishit forgot to tell everyone.

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    Damn, every part of me that hopes for this spoiler to be true has some sort of pessimistic nagging saying that it's waaaay too good to be true.
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    Yes this is Kakashi's showdown with Sasuke. I highly doubt it would be interupted in one chapter.

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    cyberdemon is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    That spoiler is fake
    someone posted these on another site

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    @elthan : thanks for the spoiler, even it's probably fake.
    I don't think Kishi would pull a Kyubi Sage Mode for Naruto without training or a proper trigger

    Thanks for the pics, cyberdemon.
    Naruto is no longer in Sage Mode!
    What I would see to happend would be that the battle is over, Sasuke is taken as an hostage, and escape on the way back to Konoha with the help of Madara or Zetsu. JUst random guess

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    The spoiler from a french forum :


    Karin Look a the scene

    Sasuke shout

    Naruto run.

    Naruto remind of d'Itachi

    he remind what Gaara told him.

    he remind what the Raikage told him.

    Sasuke use Susanoo

    Kakashi counter

    With his magenkyou, kakashi counter the black flames

    Kakashi has the advantage


    Sakura is behind Sasuke ready to give a mortal attack

    Sakura can't kill him despite being prepared for it

    Sasuke counter and pull sakura by the neck


    Sasuke gonna kill sakura with her own kunai.......

    Naruto's great arrival !

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    Man that first one would of been great, but how foolish of me the story never progresses that fast.
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    I can only see sasuke saved out of this situation. He is too weak surely. I think he will faint. The old 'anime fainteroo' and then they drag his ass to konoha. Still cant think why they would need to take him there but I just cant see them killing him on the spot.


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