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    Cool Naruto Chp 483 Discussion/484 Predictions

    If Sakura finishes Karin off, Sasuke will take her in as her replacement.
    Well, she is standing in front of Karin with a kunai in her hand. If I stab Sasuke-kun now, all will be over.
    As she is thinking something like that, behind her, Sasuke aims a Chidori to the back of Sakura's head and is about to about to pierce her.
    At that moment, Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. "Real intent to kill... You really sunk low, didn't you Sasuke"

    Then some arguing back and forth

    Kakashi: "I don't want to kill you"
    Sasuke: "Heh, you're always saying things about killing me, sensei. I'm itching to kill you, though, Kakashi."
    Well, after this is the conclusion
    Kakashi: "I now understand how the Sandaime must have felt. Even though Orochimaru sunk so low, he still couldn't help but care..."
    Sasuke: "Well, then you're making the same mistake he did!!"
    It ends with this. (Sakura is telling Kakashi that she's giving Karin medical treatment so they can leave immediately after this)

    Kakashi heads to where Kiba and the others are.
    Kakashi puts them under a tree to rest.

    The thing Sakura used was something she got from Tsunade, it's very powerful.

    Sasuke : What are you plotting ?
    Sakura : I'm not plotting anything. I wanted to go with you, I wanted us to leave together.

    Karin : ( So she's one of Sasuke's former team mate ? )

    Sasuke : My goal is to destroy the Hidden Leaf.

    Sakura is surprised

    Sakura : If that's what you want ...

    Sasuke : Then finish off her ( Karin ), then I'll accept you.
    Sasuke seems to notice that Sakura is healing type.

    Sakura is walking to Sasuke and Karin. ( Hiding a Kunai )

    Sakura : ( If I stab Sasuke now, I'll blow my cover )

    Karin : Nooo, Sasuke !

    As Sasuke try to Chidori Sakura, Kakashi makes a flashy entrance and parry the Chidori.

    Kakashi : Don't be controlled by your revenge !

    Sasuke : Hahahahaha ! Itachi ... Father ... Mother ...

    Kakashi : I don't want to kill you ...

    Sasuke : You sound like you could actually kill me. Stop acting like a teacher, will ya ?
    I want to kill you so bad that I can barely contain myself.

    Kakashi: (Madara's influence has stretched this far...)

    Then Sakura brings Karin to safety.

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    Thanks Blackflash!
    I was getting used to Wednesday spoiler, but Tuesday feels better

    What is the word in English to describe Sasuke? Mofo?
    He acted like a real scum. Twice, at that.
    I'm actually beginning to like him, he's morphing into a good old vilain. He's no antihero anymore, as he could have evolved in.
    And what's the point of being cocky in front of Kakashi? Sasuke is supposed to be half blind and exhausted. He's not supposed to get any chance against Kakashi and Sakura in his state.

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    Well this is moving in a nice direction, Kakashi gets there just in time to see how low Sasuke has sunk and Naruto is also on his way, this could go a couple ways.

    1. Naruto arrives just as Sasuke is giving the final blow to Kakashi which would be the catalyst for Naruto to finally see Sasuke as evil.

    2. Sasuke is too worn out to fight and Madara comes at the last minute to save his ass, and Naruto gets there just as Sasuke is warped away.

    3. Naruto gets there after everything is over and sees the aftermath of the battle, Kakashi tells him it was Sasuke, Naruto being the person he his doesn't want to believe it even tho he knows it's true, he final sees Karin and Sakura tells him this is what he did to a memeber of his own team.

    4. Kakashi dies (very unlikely) and Naruto becomes the new Hokage.

    5. bits and pieces from all the above.

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    a bigger one :

    Source: NF
    Credits: Own3rd
    Verification: Confirmed
    Something amazing happens.

    んで手にクナイもってカリンの目の前にたって 今サスケ君を刺せばすべて終わる~
    If Sakura deals the final blow to Karin, Sasuke will replace her on his team. So she stands before Karin with a kunai. If she takes out Sasuke now though, she could end everything~
    見たいな事考えていたら 後ろからサスケが千鳥でサクラの後頭部めがけて突き刺そう
    としていた所 案山子登場でサクラを助け 本気の殺意…地に落ちたなサスケ
    Sasuke uses Chidori from behind and aims for the head, trying to stab her. Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. He intended to kill her...Sasuke has fallen.
    Some conversational exachanges occur.
    カカシ お前を殺したくない~
    Kakashi: I don't want to kill you.
    サスケ ハッいつでも俺を殺せるような事をいってくれるな先生
        俺はいつでもお前を殺したいとウズウズしてる カカシ~
    Sasuke: Ha, you always talk as if you could kill me sensei. But it's I that has been itching to kill you, Kakashi.
    And some more after that, he says at the end..
    カカシ いまになって三代目の事がわかった気がする オロチ丸が落ちていってもかわいくて
    Kakashi: I now understand what the 3rd meant. In the way Orochimaru has fallen, I'm afraid I've no choice...
    サスケ んじゃてめえは三代目の二の舞になるだよ!!
    Sasuke: Fine, so then you will follow in the 3rd's footsteps then!!

    で終わり (サクラはカカシにいわれ カリンを治療しここからすぐに立ち去れといわれどっかい ってた)
    It ends there (Kakashi tells Sakura to get away as she's treating Karin.)

    カカシ サクラお前一人でサスケを殺し一人で背負い込むなんてするな
    Kakashi: Sakura, don't be burdened into thinking you have to take out Sasuke alone. That is my duty. Don't be obsessed with revenge like Sasuke.
    サスケ イタチを~… 父を母を~ 一族を~全部戻してくれたらこんな事やめてやる!!
    Sasuke: father and mother...the clan...if you can bring them all back, then I'll stop!!
    カカシ いい加減なことばっかいってる先生でごめんなサクラ…(死亡フラグ?)
        サクラこの子を頼む敵の事情に詳しいはず今なら間に合う治療してここは俺に任せてくれ ~
    Kakashi: Sorry Sakura for being nothing but irresponsible...(is this a sign he might die?) Sakura, I'm leaving this kid [Karin] to you. You probably know the enemies circumstances well. You have time to treat her and get away. Leave this to me.

    Sakura didn't commit suicide after all.
    Sasuke VS Kakashi.
    Will Naruto make an appearance too?

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    I agree, this chapter is far more promising than a few before.

    1) it would rock, but it's unlikely since Sasuke is really worn out. Or he still has something to spam after Danzo's fight... I can imagine Witcher going crazy if this happens ^^

    2) That's what I think it's probably gonna happen. But Madara has to deal with a lost arm, and he's in (one of) his hideout, etc

    3) is a different version of 2

    4) Kakashi didn't do almost anything since he wike up from his conversation fro his dad. I think it's unlikely too

    5) Anything can happen . But don't tell me Kishi is planning to let Kakashi and Naruto have a speech fight, letting Sasuke the opportunity to escape!

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    No matter which direction this goes, it should start picking up. Sasuke is in no position to handle Kakashi. Call it what you want, he will be handled. You can not tell me he has enough chakra to handle a fresh Kakashi. So Naruto showing up either right before or right after a fight breaks out is more likely. I can also see Sasuke bailing when Naruto arrives. Well Team 7 reunited. Lets see who gets the bells this time.

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    I'm certainly looking forward seeing the next chapter. It's been a looooong time since Kakashi had some good fight.

    Sasuke: father and mother...the clan...if you can bring them all back, then I'll stop!!
    lol. talk about childish.

    witcher, can you provide me this quote in which Kishi said that he'll kill one the Hawks?

    I knew he has no balls to do it...
    And even if he'll do that after all, i'd say it will be juugo that dies. Like Kimmimaro did.

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    So the 'Sakura as Sasuke's medic' thing was just a tease. Though I fail to see how she's supposed to look heroic after this miserable failure.

    Karin alive... sheesh. Kishi's grown mortally afraid to off characters. Every time some non-villain's about to die he/she gets a last-second save. What's her relevance to the plot now, anyway? Killing her would have made a great development with Team Hawk. Quoting someone at animesuki, 'if Kishi could kill Jiraiya but not Karin I'll be pissed'.

    And is the immortal 'Those who don't take care of their comrades are worse than trash' in Kakashi's dialogue?

    goldencalf: Wasn't it the interview he gave in January? Let's hope she doesn't make it...

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    Well, I'm about as jaded as I can get. I may actually become cautiously optimistic, then genuinely eager for this chapter.
    I brainstorm with my multiple personalities.

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    ^ Maybe she could temporarily join their happy lil team 7 family with Sai as a special ninja with sasuke intel or soemthing -_-. Im still disappointed that Karin survived but im glad to know that sasuke was planning on taking her out without remorse.

    So the whole sakura wanting to join sasuke bit was a cocktease. Kishi probably realized he didn't want to waste time with trying to include her among sasuke and madara in the first place. Im glad that Kakashi made it in time to see sasuke's malice. Sakura is a liar so she being the one to see it and report back to naruto might arouse skepticism with him but Kakashi sensei himself is a different story. If history repeats itself then Sasuke will escape, only to face his former sensei for the village's safety (Like the 3rd and Orochi).

    Like bledge said im also beginning to like sasuke as well. Not because he's sasuke and all his powers, but because his metamorphosis into something completely evil is complete. Im gonna like him the same way I loved Orochimaru, same as naruto being the next Jiraiya. A time skip would be awesome right around now. As much as I wouldn't want a break it would be worth a good month or so hiatus so that Kishi could advance the ages of his character and come up with some more epic scenarios for more characters. Kakashi isn't even the Hokage yet!

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"


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