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    Man, people just love flamming this manga every week.
    If naruto deceives a frikin' anbu, he gets flammed. If he did nothing instead, he would be flammed.

    About the discussion that lead to the marriage point. Man... this is SHOUNEN!!!
    We can't expect deep psychological love stuff in this thing. Love in shounens are meant to be stupid and lame.
    And look.... they are all 16 years old man. Most people are just like that, or worse, about that age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanov_2020 View Post
    PPS: sasuke is starting to make his own harem... a possibility where sakura heal karin
    Well, considering the fact that he wants to revive his clan, that's highly possible.
    I mean, he can make more babies in an even shorter period that way, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danzo View Post
    oh yeah, i want to echo the dissatisfaction with everyone getting knocked out by sleeping gas. This must work via inhalation, otherwise you've got one of the most powerful things in the naruto world right there.

    The characters can't hold their breath? When Sasori used poison gas on Sakura, she just held her breath, but for some reason Sai sees the bombs on the floor, but decides to take a deep breath anyway? That's pretty damn absurd.
    Actually some of the better poisons can be absorbed through the skin. Ever heard of contact poison? contact poison in gas form =raped. Did you notice how she was quite a bit away? And seeing that she came up with a cure for his poison in a few minutes who's to say she cant make a better poison. She was trained by Tsunade who fcked up Jiraiya. Jiraiya might not have been the smartest cookie in the bunch but he was a beast. He couldnt tell he'd been drugged for a while.
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    It's not about him deceiving an anbu. We know how good Naruto is with stealth. It's simply me on a full rant and the idea Yamato couldn't hear it. Like making Yamato look weaker to give Naruto a slight falsified boost in appearence. For the sake of memory.

    Let us recap Naruto's accomplishments before ever actually becoming a genin.
    Was able to paint the stone faces before anyone was aware and able to conceal and out run from chunin and jounin class pursuers.
    Snuck in to the hokage's tower, Knocking out the Third granted her obviously was not intent on hurting Naruto in the least. And making off with one of the most valuble scrolls in the village with not a single ninja being aware of it.
    In just a few short hours mastered an A class jutsu and defeated a chunin in combat.

    Was able to outwit Sasuke whom if naruto were an enemy out for the last Uchiha could have easily cut his throat after tieing him up.
    Was then able to use a henge to fool the at the time so called brightest mind and best able to see through genjutsu Sakura.

    Followed up by taking down a special jounin and inspiring a future academy student and pupil. All before becoming a real genin.

    We know naruto was good back then. These days he just seems so out of touch because of lack of panel time and bloodline this and that. We just need to remember the good old days when Sasuke wasn't god and satan rolled in one and we can see naruto's talents shine through once more.

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    Well at any rate it at least turned out a bit diff from the spoilers, if I remember right. I agree that Naruto back then was awesome in a funny way. He still can be...and if it's any indication, given he's running off from Yamato (I'm glad he didn't go back to Konoha...that would be horrible) we'll be seeing him more soon. And more Kakashi. That's always good. I'm always griping to myself how Kakashi hasn't actually had one single real solo battle. He's mixed in here and there but mostly it's been short ones. I want a real nice long one. Maybe Kakashi vs. Kabuto or something. Since Kabuto is stronger now (and he was supposed to be at Kakashi's level previously) then it'll be interesting.

    If Sakura ain't bluffing I'm gonna blow a fuse. I suppose that's why she had to leave the others, so Sasuke wouldn't be suspicious. Then she could take him out quietly. I dunno, I think Kishi is trying to make Sakura look smart and cool rather than whiny but it's just not working right. Feels like she's getting ahead of herself.

    At least Danzo was smart enough to crush the Sharingan. And I'm also glad Madara affirmed that Sasuke's eyes really are blacking out. If he's not blind after the next battle it'll be really annoying.

    And wow Bleach was ACTUALLY better this week. As in, significantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi clone View Post
    epic fail kishimoto, epic fail. totally irratonal behaviour from all parties in this chapter. imagine being stabbed by your teammate and still having honourable flashbacks about that said person. the kunoichis in this manga are extremely dumb! maybe kishi has never even had a woman in his life, he represents them so pooly in his manga.
    Not that i'm defending Kishimoto's handling on women in his series but the point of Karin's flashback was that Sasuke isn't honorable anymore, he's anything but. You seemed to have missed the point here and assumed that the flashback was to show Sasuke in a more "brighter light"

    It wasn't.
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    ^ True. The "see ya" from back then was a jock athlete, playfu,l maybe i'll see you around one but this time when he says it's a "im gonna kill you *psycho stare down* one. In other words Karin got her f**king wake up call!! Sakura needs hers (although at this point I want to believe that she already knows what sasuke's capable of by now).

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"

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    ....*looks at this chapter then goes back to reading one piece*

    "You have other hearts trapped within you as well, dont you?"
    "You're that guy from last time! What are you talking about?!"
    "The other Hearts within you."
    "Hearts trapped within me....?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas71 View Post
    And I'm also glad Madara affirmed that Sasuke's eyes really are blacking out. If he's not blind after the next battle it'll be really annoying.
    After seeing the Sharingwall(TM) in the same chapter why's anyone still considering that possibility?

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    The only heroic-like thing any female in this manga has done was get pregnant.


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