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    Quote Originally Posted by neruke View Post
    3. MS is equal to the Rinnegan, since the Rinnegan also destroys the body.
    also, for all we know, that was all gedo mazo's work. Rin'nengan is supposed to have control over all 5 elements. We saw none of that with pain. Another hyped up character that should have been killed later; especially since his dojutsu was shared by the man who made the ninja world.

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    I would put Byakugan over the 3 tomoe Sharigan just for the fact that it complements perfectly with the abilities of it's user, specifically the chakra draining techniques.


    Another interesting tidbit that i found about Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi. Reading about Japanese mythology in wikipedia turned out to be pretty interesting.

    It looks like that in Japanese mythology, Amaterasu used a bow while Tsukyomi used sword, both of these gods were created from the eyes of Izanagi, the japanese god of the sky. Amaterasu was created from Izanagi's left eye and Tsukyomi from the right.

    Well, if you guys followed the fights of Sasuke and Itachi in the series, Sasuke's Amaterasu comes from his right eye while Itachi's comes from the left and vice versa for the Tsukyomi. Now notice the fact that Itachi's Susanoo uses his trademark sword and Sasuke's Susanoo uses a bow.

    Considering these coincidences and the fact that Danzou said that Sasuke's Tsukyomi is shit compared to Itachi's *and* the fact that Sasuke's Amaterasu is much more versatile than Itachi's (His fight with the Raikage where he manipulated its shape for better offense and defense) it seems that Sasuke's sharigan is more in tune with Amaterasu while Itachi's is more in tune with Tsukyomi, which can manipulate time itself inside its illusion.
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    yeah, you can't compare the standard Byakugan to the standard sharingan in terms of power, since they do different things. Sharingan can't scope miles, and Byakugan isn't as useful in close range combat situations.
    Jiyaiya did state that the Rinnegan was the most powerful out of the 3 eye techniques, suggesting that there's a hierarchy, but I think that was his way of building up audience anticipation. Sure, the sage did have the rin, but his source of power the Jyubi supposedly had a combination of all 3.
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    I just thought of something entirely off topic and probably mentioned before but if not then good for me.
    Madara chose the name Tobi from the second hokage Tobirama as a means of mocking the Senju clan by using the name and acting a fool.

    Since it was really the second who oppressed the Uchiha and not Hashirama who had great respect for them and tried to work out peace.

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    Just to go back a bit, I think my doujutsu ranking is pretty accurate based on the replies, I also stated the order because it was mentioned about Sharingan supposedly being better than the Byakugan, so I came up with the list so people could refer to it.

    Also, yeah, I'd say that Pain's Jutsu was his comeuppance, not the Rinnegan itself.

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