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    Default Rate Your Best Fight

    In light of recent events, it seems as though quite of few from of this forum tend to think Kishi is redeeming himself with the Kisame/Bee faceoff. I've posted a couple times saying that this fight should rank up there with Hokage/Oro. I still feel that way, but where does it rank amongst some of the better fight scenes that have occured.

    To name a few, the first one being my all time favorite and the others were being fun to watch:

    Naruto/Sasuke (Valley of the End)
    Jiraya & Sunade/Oro

    So where does this current fight stand?

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    Actually I think that as cool as the Bee/Kisame fight was, it was a bit too short.

    What Kisame did:
    -absorb chakra
    -spit out water and swim about
    -whack Killerbee half to death.

    What Bee did:
    -get his chakra sucked
    -whack Kisame
    -swim about
    -get beaten half to death

    It's not a bad fight but I think it ended a bit too soon for it to be really epic. I'm sure that that's not all that Kisame can do, and personally, his shark-man form is a little bit looks so weird.

    Personally my favourites are:
    -Shikamaru/Temari (maybe my favourite)
    -Sakura/Chiyo/Sasori (absolutely brilliant)

    Somehow, battles with some strategy appeal more to me...hence almost any Shikamaru battle ranks high in my list. It's either that or sheer coolness...things like the Sandaime battle of the Naruto/Pain battle.

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    Default ..

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas71 View Post

    Somehow, battles with some strategy appeal more to me...hence almost any Shikamaru battle ranks high in my list. It's either that or sheer coolness...things like the Sandaime battle of the Naruto/Pain battle.
    I feel the same way, shikamaru is just awesome him and kakashis fights are usually good, I dont agree that the killerbee kisame fight ranks with sandaime and orochimaru...orochimaru revived the first and second hokages for cryin out loud the 3rd was able to take them both on at the same awesome was that! killer bee and kisame dont even come close to that.

    3rd vs oro
    naruto vs gaara
    jiraiya v pain
    lee vs kimimaro (drunken master fighting ftw)
    any of the shikamaru fights
    naruto vs pain
    kisame vs killerbee
    lee vs gaara

    pretty much in that order, I really dont liek sasukes fights, except for kirin but thats it the itachi sasuke one was good but the anime is fking it up atm...and for somereason i wasnt too impressed by the sasuke vs all the kages battle, the *power of emo*bit was just / yeah, I WOULD like to see this fight:

    Madara vs Hashirama

    that would top my list if kishi ever showed us that.

    I didnt like the 3 sannin battle becuase they all had weaknesses of some kind, jiraya was poisoned, tsunade was afraid of blood or something weird, and oro had no arms..... <-- Try To Fight me, Biatch!

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    yeah, the strategy elements in fights are what sets naruto apart from a lot of other shonen. For this reason I'm inclined to like Shikamaru battles the most.. but also Sasuke vs Deidara.

    Sakura v Sasori didn't have clever strategy, but for sheer amount of stuff that happens, I would rate it highly.

    Kakashi's short battle with Pain was pretty cool, the scene cuts out a lot, hope they do a good job with this in the anime.

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    I think they did a great job in the anime with Kakashi vs the Zombie Twins, Shikamaru definitely did his thing with Hidan. Now let us not forget that this Killerbee/Kisame battle is not over. So far he's pulled out two good surprises (the sword merging and then the sword turning on it's master). This will not be settled for another 2-3 more chapters.

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    Sakura + Chiyo vs. sasori (10 vs 100 for the win)
    Lee vs. Gaara (we need more fights like this one)
    sasuke vs. deidara (the variety of things one can do with exploding clay was just superb)
    sasuke vs. bee
    naruto vs. pain (nuff said)
    shikamaru vs.... anyone (seriously all his fights are awesome)
    naruto vs. orochimaru
    in no particular order

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    1. Pain vs. Naruto, this was the most epic fight I've seen in any manga. Two of the strongest beings in the Narutoverse going all out to the death. The surprise, power, and emotion attached was incredible. Going 8 tails was epic

    2. Sasuke vs Itachi, a well done fight with great techniques and revelations in storyline. We'd been waiting for this since the beginning of the series. Finally seeing Itachi's ability and Saskue's amazing development.

    3. Orichimaru vs. Third Hokage. The corrupted student vs. the loving master. Incredible battle and sacrifice of the third. We see the depth of Orichimaru's madness and amazing power.

    4. Lee vs Gaara. The speed, pacing and animation of this battle just did it for me. Lee is such a great character and easy to root for.

    5. Naruto vs Sasuke at Valley of End. Sasuke finally goes off the deep and betrays his village. The two main characters finally go all out.

    Sakura/Chiyo was good but Sakura is such a lame character and I was disappointed in Sasori's strength.





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