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    ....may be the Juubi's **** fell off in the sealing process. It was prob just dangling when SPS formed the moon around the poor guy....all he wanted to do was destroy T_T
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    Somehow I can see where that handle is going to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    Its not a matter of how far kishi planned ahead with the Jyuubi an all that but its a simple literary device called "foreshadowing". Dont get me wrong im not trying to put kishi on a pedestal or anything but its a simple, frequently used, literary device. And yes i do believe the Kyuubi's warning to be a precursor of the events to come in terms of Madara (not nes with the Jyuubi and all that moon babble but more of a safe open ended way to say "hey kids the Kyuubi seems to know something about an impending doom"). This is a manga and stuff like that goes on all the time. If not then he wouldn't have brought up sasuke and his resemblence to madara that time. Once again when sasuke and the Kyuubi met that time their convo was like it was like water under a bridge and us readers were like "hmmm wonder what the kyuubi meant" but nowadays with all this development taking place and given the, yet still unclear, relationship with the ninetails and madara if u think Kyuubi's words was in connection to naruto and sasuke's "friendship" then so be it. He, as a writer, did good in that chapter cause he gave us a new, obviously krazy strong character, to ponder about (with the Kyuubi's phrase connecting Madara to "sinister chakra") and the kyuubi's final message. I personally believe that the Kyuubi was forshadowing a possible, and quiet frankly LIKELY, collaboration between naruto and sasuke to stop the madara. Its the most obvious thing since sliced bread -_-

    Sorry... i practically spoiled the ending for everyone now O yea danzou and to say "its not logical to _____" about a manga is just... well you know what im going to say. Dont get me wrong i understand what your trying to say but for the sake of manga and suspense etc logic goes out the window. If "logic" was prevalent in this manga then it'll be a boring one cause half the decisions made are illogical and wouldn't make sense in the real world :/ So to say "it cant be like that cause its illogical" isn't grounds to disprove something.
    Yes, I think it is almost absolutely certain that Naruto and Sasuke will collaborate to stop Madara, I would even go as far as to say that it is predicted by the underlying moral of the entire manga. Naruto is largely about the importance of friendship and companionship and what that sort of relationship is all about. Naruto's journey is not about achieving the role of Hokage it is about what that role means. Naruto has pledged himself never to leave a friend behind and to save his friends even if its from themselves. It is about the nature of hate and overcoming it. Naruto himself was seen as little more than a threat, a monster, evil, etc. He was able to save people like Neji and Gaara from that place of understandable hatred. Sasuke is probably the most damaged character of all and thus his case is perhaps the most worthy of empathy.

    There are many instances that foreshadow the union of Naruto and Sasuke's powers to stop madara. Minato's words about a special skill set being necessary to kill Madara come to mind. The fact that Minato couldn't do it alone and apparently neither could the First Hokage. Itachi's mission for Naruto and Sasuke also implies that they are both important in the fight against Madara. Itachi gave both Sasuke and Naruto a gift. Naruto's gift is presumably to stop Sasuke but I believe that it is something more as Itachi seemed truly pleased by Naruto's resolve to save Sasuke. I believe that while the power is to stop Sasuke if necessary it could also be to help him.

    Another thing to note, is that Kishimoto has gone way out of his way to keep Sasuke innocent. I find it funny how a lot of emphasis is being put on how evil Sasuke has become but in reality he has yet to kill. Even when Sasuke hit that stray samurai guard with Amaterasu he ended up being saved miraculously. Kishimoto is doing everything he can to keep Sasuke relatively pure, he may get mad a lot and make many menacing threats but so far he has yet to even become a killer, which isn't really that odd a sin in the Narutoverse. Hell Gaara has killed many people but he has been redeemed in the eyes of most. I honestly find it stupid that Sasuke hasn't killed anyone yet, it honestly doesn't make a bit of sense in the world that these characters live in but I can say with almost absolute certainty that Kishimoto is doing it to keep Sasuke relatively innocent. If Sasuke was truly meant to be a villain I strongly doubt that Kishimoto would be finding ways to keep murder off the list of his crimes. Sasuke is damaged and angry but considering the circumstances of his life that comes as no surprise, I for one don't think it is a bold to say that he will redeem himself and eventually end up on the side of good.


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